Foreign Direct Investment in India

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Foreign Direct Investment in India:

Foreign Direct Investment in India

Phases of Indian Economy post 2000:

Phases of Indian Economy post 2000 Political Coalitions have started providing stable governments Government to get out of owning and managing businesses: Disinvestment Policy Gradual relaxation in the FDI Policy

Other modes of Foreign Direct Investment:

Other modes of Foreign Direct Investment GDR, ADR, FCCB (Contd.) No end-use restrictions on GDR/ ADR/ FCCB issue proceeds Except Investment in real estate Stock markets. Government clearance required when sectoral cap is exceeded, or for a project not falling under Automatic Route.

Facilitating FDI in India:

Facilitating FDI in India Emergence of Independent Regulators: Electricity, Telecom, Insurance, Capital Market and Competition Law Ensuring level playing field vis-à-vis Government Corporations and inter se private players Expertise in the subject matter involved Expeditious resolution of dispute


Conclusion Economics occupies centre stage in 2004 elections Rising expectations; rising prosperity Legal regime: more stable and predictable Bureaucracy: changing with the times The Future beckons

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