Fire fighting & Fire Extinguisher

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14 October 2015 1 WELCOME


FIRE FIGHTING AND FIRE EXTINGUISHER Presentation By Ms. KANCHAN THORVE ( M.Pharm ) 14 October 2015 2


Objectives Combustion Process Fire Classes Fire Extinguisher Anatomy Fire Extinguisher Types Fire Emergency Response Fire Fighting CONTENTS 14 October 2015 3

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To Understand : The combustion process and different fire classes Fire extinguisher types & operating procedures Basic firefighting concepts: R.A.C.E. P.A.S.S. 14 October 2015 4 Objectives

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14 October 2015 5 Three components Need all three components to start a fire Fire extinguishers remove one or more of the components. The Combustion Process FIRE TRIANGLE

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Fire Class Geometric symbol Pictogram Intended Use Mnemonic A Ordinary solid combustibles A for "Ash" B Flammable liquids and gases B for "Barrel" C Energized electrical equipment C for "Current" D None Combustible metals (Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, etc.) D for "Dynamite" K Oils and fats K for "Kitchen" 14 October 2015 6 Fire Classes

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14 October 2015 7 Fire Extinguisher Anatomy

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14 October 2015 8 Fire Extinguisher Types

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14 October 2015 9 Fire Extinguisher Types PRESSURIZED WATER Class “A” fires only. 2.5 gal. water (up to 1 minute discharge time). Has pressure gauge to allow visual capacity check. Maximum effective range - 30-40 ft. Extinguishes by cooling burning material by absorbing heat from burning material.

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14 October 2015 10 Fire Extinguisher Types (Conti.) CARBON DIOXIDE (CO 2 ) Class “B” or “C” fires 2.5-100 lb. of CO 2 (8-30 seconds discharge time) Has NO pressure gauge --capacity verified by weight Maximum effective range - 3-8 ft. Gas drives oxygen away from fire, thus stopping the chemical reaction.

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14 October 2015 11 HOW TO OPERATE ? Keep the extinguisher Upright and Remove safety clip. Hold nozzle in hand and Strike the knob. Direct discharge at base of flames.

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14 October 2015 12 Fire Extinguisher Types (Conti) MULTIPURPOSE DRY CHEMICAL Also known as "tri-class" "multipurpose" or "ABC" dry chemical. Dry chemical- Mono ammonium phosphate Base This is a powder based agent that extinguishes by preventing the chemical reactions involving heat, fuel, and oxygen and halts the production of fire sustaining "free-radicals“. Discharge time - 8-25 seconds Maximum effective range - 5-20 ft.

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Ensure that the needle is within Green Zone. Pull safety pin & take extinguisher near fire. Press handle. Direct the nozzle towards the BASE OF FLAME 14 October 2015 13 HOW TO OPERATE ?

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14 October 2015 14 Fire Emergency Response R A C E R escue A larm C onfine E xtinguisher R:Remove anyone from immediate danger A: Activate the building fire alarm system C:Confine the fire by closing all windows and doors E: Use of Fire Extinguisher.

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14 October 2015 15 Fire Fighting P ull the pin A im low at the base of flames S queeze the handle S weep side to side P A S S

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THANK YOU 14 October 2015 16

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