Air Pollution

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Air pollution:

Air pollution

Why to pay attention to the quality of air?:

Why to pay attention to the quality of air? Polluted air impaire our health... …and atmosphere , inflicts global warming... … this causes nature-disasters

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What will happen in Estonia, when global warming continues?

We have had four different seasons::

We have had four different seasons: Winter – (-20 o ) - (+2 o ) Snows a lot Nature is having a rest Spring –(+5 o )... and more Ice and snow are melting Rains a lot Nature group up Days are getting longer

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Summer – (+18 o )- (+23 o ) Sunny, warm Rains once in a while Autumn – (+10 o ) - (-5 o ) Days are getting shorter Rains a lot Windy, muddy Leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees

People think that if the climate is warming up, then in Estonia...:

People think that if the climate is warming up, then in Estonia... .. . Will grow palmtrees …peple can grow bananas and pineapples in their backyard …we have swimseason all year long

But actually…:

But actually… We lose our seasons – less sun, a lot of rain, cold and foggy all the time Storms at winter and springs Winters without snow

Our problems:

Our problems

The main polluted areas in Estonia:

The main polluted areas in Estonia North-East part of Estonia Around the capital - Tallinn

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In North-East Power plant More in past (because of old technique). Cole minimg Ash-mountins, which pollutes the air

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A lot of private houses still use wood as getting warm Fume, comes from chymnies, contains small components, which gets in the air and pollutes it

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Salt and chemicals, which are used to decrease slipperiness on the roads

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transportation Too many old cars New cars pollutes much less

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Using products, which contain aerosols

Something positive in Estonia:

Something positive in Estonia

Estonia is sparsely populated :

Estonia is sparsely populated


We have a lot of wild nature and unpopulated areas – Because of this less polluters and more greenery


Estonia belongs to those European countryes, where used wery little pesticides on fields


People are more and more enlighted about air polluting and clobal warming

What we can do to minimise air polluting?:

What we can do to minimise air polluting?

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When we cut forest for timber or to have a christmastree, we should replace a plant Trees are like filters. The more we have trees, the more cleaner is air, we breathe

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Let’s pick over carbage and reccycle it To lessen number of refuse dumps to hold back getting toxic gases into the atmosphere Dangerous waste should be collectred to the special places


Let’s use transportation, which is enviromentally friendly Or let’s use more public transportation


Use alternatives fror aerosols.

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Estonia might be small by surface area and the number of population, but those aren’t numbers that count, if we want to save our planet Everyting depends on us!

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