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Scientific Name & Family Geographical Distribution Habit & Habitat Phenology Nursery Techniques Plantation Techniques Intermediate Yield & Rotation/Yield Utilization Uses CONTENTS

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FTB 101 Abies pindrow

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Scientific Name :- Abies pindrow Trade Name :- Fir English Name :- Low level Himalayan Fir, Fir, Silver Fir. Hindi Name :- Tosh, morinda rewar, rai, Span. Common Name :- West Himalayan fir Family :- Pinaceae

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Geographical Distribution :- The silver fir extends throughout the western Himalayas from Afghanistan to Nepal chiefly at 2250-3350m elevation, but sometimes descending below 2150m in cool ravines or may ascend to 3650m.

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Habit :- Evergreen tree, the dark green foliage extends almost the hole length of the bole on the ground, branches stiff, spreading horizontally. Habitat :- Generally found on northern aspects and in shady localities, forming forests at altitudes between 2000 - 3000 metres

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Phenology :- Pollination takes place towards the end of April or the first half of May, at which time the scale of female cones are open to receive the pollen. The cones ripen in October or early November, breaking up, shedding seeds and scales together, the central axis persists for some years on the tree. Six to seven months elapse between the pollination and ripening of cones.

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Nursery Techniques :- Number of seeds/kg : 16500/Kg ( 10 kg of cones produce 1 kg of clean seed) Seed Month : April to may Pre sowing treatment : Method of sowing : Raised nursery beds Germination % : 15 - 65% Establishment(Plant Percentage) : 25 – 45%

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Plantation Techniques :- Type of land requirement : The soil should be deep fertile, well drained and loam with low pH value. Planting pit size : 30 cm3 Spacing : Normal spacing is 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m is too much wider for silver fir Month of pit making : End of August Tending Operations : Weeding (one in June and another in October). Management : Selection System

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Intermediate Yield & Rotation/Yield :- Rotation 150 years for 24” d.b.h and 180 years 26” d.b.h. 160 cft in round volume at 180 years rotation per tree.

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Utilization :- The moisture wood white to dull brownish white, without any colour difference between the sap wood and the heart wood. Specific gravity at 12% Moisture content 0.53.

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Uses :- Fuel; Wood : Wood - light, soft, not very durable. Used for house interiors, packing cases, furniture, water troughs and fuel. It can be used for railway sleepers after preservative treatment. Seeds contain 28.76% oil, which can be exploited commercially.

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Reference : Plantation Trees By R.K.Luna,(I.F.S) Page No - 868

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