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What Are Google Cloud Services?:

What Are Google Cloud Services? www.devopsonlinehub.com

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Google Cloud has spread around the world. The reason is the wide range of services it offers to its users: Compute Services Storage Services Networking Big Data Services Security and Identity Management Management Tools Cloud AI IoT

1. Compute Services:

1. Compute Services Google App Engine: It is a cloud computing platform for developing and hosting web applications in data centers managed by Google. when the number of requests for an application increases, App Engine automatically allocates more resources to the application to handle the additional request. Compute Engine: To run Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual machines. It is a component of the Google Cloud platform which is based on the same infrastructure as that which runs the Google search engine, YouTube and other services. Kubernetes Engine: it aims to provide a platform to automate the deployment, scaling and operations of application containers on host clusters.

2. Storage services:

2. Storage services Google Cloud Storage: online file storage service for storing and accessing data on a Google Cloud platform infrastructure. The service combines the performance and scalability of Google Cloud with advanced security and sharing features. Cloud SQL: Web service that allows you to create, configure and use relational databases that live in Google Cloud. It maintains, manages and administers your databases allowing you to focus on your applications and services. Cloud Bigtable : a fast, fully managed and highly scalable NoSQL database service. It is designed for the collection and storage of data from 1 TB to hundreds of PB.

3. Networking :

3. Networking VPC: Virtual Private Cloud provides a private network with IP allocation, routing and network firewall policies to create a secure environment for your deployments. Cloud Load Balancing : This is a process of distributing workloads across multiple IT resources. This reduces the cost and maximizes the availability of resources. Content Delivery Network: The objective here is to provide high availability and high performance by spatially distributing the service relating to end users.  

4. Big Data Services :

4. Big Data Services BigQuery :   Google BigQuery Service is a fully managed data analysis service that enables businesses to analyse  Big Data. It features highly scalable data storage, the ability to perform ad-hoc queries, and the ability to share data insights via the web. Google Cloud Datastore :  A fully managed, schema less, non-relational datastore . It supports atomic transactions and a rich set of query capabilities and can automatically scale up and down depending on the load. Google Cloud Dataproc : A fast, easy-to-use and manage Spark and Hadoop service for distributed data processing. With Cloud Dataproc , you can create Spark or Hadoop clusters, sized for your workloads precisely when you need them.

5. Security and Identity Management:

5. Security and Identity Management Cloud Data Loss Prevention API:   It helps you manage sensitive data. It provides a fast and scalable classification for sensitive data elements like credit card numbers, names, passport numbers, and more. Cloud IAM : Cloud Identity and Access Management refers to a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that proper people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to technology resources. It is also called identity management ( IdM ).

6. Management Tools :

6. Management Tools Google Stackdriver :  Provides performance and diagnostics data in the form of monitoring, logging, tracing, error reporting, and alerting it to public cloud users. Google Cloud Console App : A native mobile application that enables customers to manage the key Google Cloud services. It provides monitoring, altering, and the ability to take actions on resources.

7. Cloud AI :

7. Cloud AI Cloud Machine Learning Engine:  A managed service that will enable you to build Machine Learning models based on mainstream frameworks. Cloud AutoML :   A Machine Learning product that enables developers to provide their data sets and obtain access to quality trained models by Google’s transfer learning and Neural Architecture Search.

8.  IoT :

8.   IoT Cloud IoT Core : It is a fully managed service that allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from devices that are connected to the Internet. It permits utilization of other Google Cloud services for collecting, processing, analysing , and visualizing  IoT  data in real time. Cloud IoT Edge : Edge computing brings memory and computing power closer to the location where it is needed.


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