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How To Stop an Argument :

How To Stop an Argument


Introduction Arguments are part of life and we get into arguments everyday with relatives, friends, classmates, coworkers and sometimes even with strangers. They often are trivial and useless.

Argument - Definition:

Argument - Definition It is a dispute or a hard discussion. Not a nice situation where two or more people disagree about a specific point of view.


Important But sometimes the focus of the dispute can be an avenue to professional and personal growth.

Arguments - Reasons:

Arguments - Reasons Different point of view. Competition for a position inside the company or politics. Lack of education ( alienation ). Short Sight. Bad mood.

The Best Way Out:

The Best Way Out The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. Unfortunately, if you do, you could be perceived as a pushover who won't stand up for his beliefs.

Arguments - Important:

Arguments - Important The key is to choose your arguments as a general would choose his battles. Make sure you can win those battles you choose to enter. And make sure there is a substantial payoff if you do win.

Ways to Stop an Argument:

Ways to Stop an Argument Never accuse a person of being wrong. Admit your mistakes. Be pleasant and polite. Get your opponent saying yes. The objective is to have that person stop regarding you as the adversary.

Ways to Stop an Argument:

Ways to Stop an Argument Let them talk. Concentrate on listening. People love to talk and they love to hear themselves talk. Manipulate the conversation so that it seems whatever you wanted was their idea all along. Keep an open mind.

Ways to Stop an Argument:

Ways to Stop an Argument Sympathize with your opponent's desires. Plea for righteousness. Nobody is ever against "Truth, justice and the Fairness."

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