How To Choose Professional Haircutting Scissors

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How To Choose Professional Haircutting Scissors People are very concerned about how they look. When we talk about personal grooming there are several things included in it. People spend a lot in buying personal care products but there are some products which we usually don’t buy. For example hair cutting and shaving we don’t usually buy scissors for our personal use. We visit any saloon and get our hair done. Same goes with shaving. Though we do our shaving on our own but in case of hair dressing we actually go to the hair dresser. And every day there is a new hair dressing product is launched and introduced in the market. For professional hair dressers it is

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How To Choose Professional Haircutting Scissors very important to understand which products he should buy and which products he should avoid. For a professional hair dresser who is running his business smoothly and has good number of regular customer there are certain things to keep in mind while buying haircutting scissors. Here are few basic things which are to keep in mind. - The very first thing which is to be kept in mind is the size of the scissor. Some hair stylist goes for small size some feel good with long. It also depends on the size of your hands. You should actually first put it on your palm and check the size.

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How To Choose Professional Haircutting Scissors - Next thing to check is the blade. Should you buy a convex or beveled edge It depends on person to person and business to business. - Depending on which hand you use left or right you should focus on the way your hands move. It won’t be a good decision if you buy a heavy bulky scissor and you have trouble with movement. Many left hand hair stylists pick right handed tools in the beginning of their career. If we look at the scissors carefully the reversed blades enable the hair cutting easily and naturally in case of left handed scissors. This also avoids pain in the wrist and extra force. - Using straight razors for the first time

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How To Choose Professional Haircutting Scissors Beside haircutting scissors straight razors are also very important tool in the kit of a professional hair dresser. Straight razors are the razors which can be folded back into the handle. For a hairdresser who has just started his career it is very important to know get easy comfortable with the straight razor. Shaving with straight razor takes time. It isn’t as easy as electric or cartridge razor.

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How To Choose Professional Haircutting Scissors Holding the straight razor at 30 degree angle is the perfect position. If you are holding this tool too flat you are going to end up tearing the stubble. The first stroke should be from the sideburn. Then it should move downwards. When you reach the chin part you should use the middle part of the razor blade. When you are done with the shaving make sure that you dispose of the blade safely and hygienically. Wash the razor and wipe it properly with a piece of cloth.

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