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LED Lights Embedded Overmoulded Cables Overmoulded cables and connectors are being used very widely as they provide incredible value against unmolded cables in complex electrical assemblies. Overmoulded assemblies enclose the wire and connector in a jacket making the finished product robust durable reliable and aesthetically pleasing no doubt more expensive than regular cables. However with the qualities that they possess they seem more of cost-effective than expensive. They provide 360° strain relief water protection flexibility and increased pull strength. All in all the cables are best protected against environmental factors resistant to abrasion and vibration thus boosting the electromagnetic interference performance and prolonging the lifespan of the assemblies. These products are made by injecting a plastic resin around important electrical connections. The materials used for molding include PVC PA PBT TPU polycarbonate santoprene and macro melt. There are varieties of technologies used today by skilled engineers to create remarkable designs. These include different termination styles different types of connectors color coding and much more. However it needs to be made sure that whatever is used is of the best quality and meets the IP67 and IP68 standards. Apart from all these standard procedures there are many other new trends coming up every now and then to delight the customers. One of the latest trends seen today in the Overmoulded cable assembly segment is that of including embedded LED lights into the design.

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There is a lot that can go wrong or become complicated when wiring a complex cabling system after which it can take hours for an electrician to repair it. Assessing every cable and connector from the hundreds of cables installed and identifying the error can take up a lot of time. Along with the time wasted a lot of money is invested too into the downtime and resources required to fix the problem. Looking at this issue and understanding how crucial it is to save both time and money in critical processes cable assembly manufacturers in India have come up with the solution of embedded LED lights. This innovation has helped to decrease repair times as well as significantly reducing the risks of costly downtimes. This is possible as the LED lights enable electricians to immediately identify the connector that isnt carrying the power. The connectors that don’t carry power will have unlit LEDs which are addressed quickly and repaired or replaced to get the system back on track in the least possible time. With all these benefits isnt it evident that an Overmoulded cable assembly probably with embedded LED lights should be the nest option for your next project So you need to get in touch with professional cable assembly manufacturers in India one like Miracle Aerospace where you can get the finest quality cable assemblies. The manufacturing capabilities available include cable printing automated wire cutting automated wire stripping automated terminal crimping automated lugs crimping in-house testing sleeves printing 3D CAD modeling and much more. Along with gaining these benefits you can also have your cable assemblies customized and can choose the preference of the color of your LED lights from black grey white yellow red blue and many more.

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