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E-HowIndia What is Plugin Plugins allow you to add new features to WordPress such as add a gallery slideshow etc. There are thousands of free and paid plugins available for WordPress. Best WordPress Plugin OptinSkin Plugin OptinSkin works on the idea that subscribers are the best thing you can have for your site and are better to have than just ordinary visitors. It’s true that a subscriber is more likely to buy your product listen to what you have to say and recommend you to their friends.

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8 Reasons OptinSkin Plugin is the Most Important Plugin your Blog is missing. 1. Split-Test your way to Higher Conversion Rates OptinSkin enables you to test all elements of your opt-in form. Change button colours form text eBook covers box colours… you name it. Then Optinskin will tell you which one is convincing more of your visitors to give out their email address. 2. Fully customize our 18 Default Design

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Every single element of our default form designs can be customized with our simple editor. Change box colors fonts the color of your opt-in buttons and the text you use to talk to your visitors. 3. Draw attension to your Opt-in Forms with ‘Fade’ Though it focused heavily on making opt-in forms that come with OptinSkin highly attractive it has also gone one step further in helping you get ore subscriber. Our ‘Fade’ feature allows yoyr form to simply fade into your content to catch visitor attension 4. Impression Only Count if your form is seen

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If we are going to be changing designs based on conversion data then it’s important our numbers are accurate. OptinSkin only counts impression if a site visitor scrolls to the part of your page when your form is cool right 5. OptiSkin Can power your Custom Design Not only does OptinSkin come pre-loaded with 18 customizable opt-in and social share designs you can also use it to power your own designs. Code up your dream designs in HTML CSS give the code to them. They will do the rest. 6. Place skins anywhere on your Blog with one click

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Never again are you going to have to rummage through theme files or learn HTML just to put an attractive opt-in form on your site. Our one-click placement feature means you can be up and running in minutes. 7. Make more money with an affiliate Link They have taken every step to ensure customers love the product. If you are one of them you can add a small ‘powered by’ link to Skins anywhere on your blog and make 50 of every OptinSkin sale if you enable this option remember that it is optical 8. Works with all Email marketing services

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Our plugin works with all major email marketing services like Google Feed burner Aweber MailChimp iContact InfusionSoft GetResopnse Contact Contact and dozen more. Just one click and we will integrate with your favorite email provider. WordPress plugins are scripts produced by various programmers to provide users numerous choices for their weblog pages. Like a Wp plugin may be used to screen recent comments or even as a spam avoidance tool. Author: Shipra Kurmatkar Email: Website:

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