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Its complete discription of Bruce Protocol, its formula and the chart to measure its severity.


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Bruce Protocol : 

By Kalpesh R Hegde Bruce Protocol

History Regarding Bruce Protocol : 

The Bruce treadmill test protocol was designed in 1963 by Robert. A. Bruce, MD, as non-invasive test to assess patients with suspected heart disease. Before the development of the Bruce Protocol there was no safe, standardized protocol that could be used to monitor cardiac function in exercising patients. Master's Two-Step Test was sometimes used, but it was too strenuous for many patients, and inadequate for the assessment of respiratory and circulatory function during varying amounts of exercise. Most physicians relied upon patients' complaints about exertion, and examined them only at rest. To address these problems, Dr. Bruce and Dr. Paul Yu began work on developing a treadmill exercise test. The test made extensive use of relatively new technological developments in electrocardiographs and motorized treadmills History Regarding Bruce Protocol

Equipment Required….. : 

TREADMILL ECG MONITORING STOP WATCH Ventilation volumes and respiratory gas exchanges Monitoring(if required) Equipment Required…..

Bruce Protocol : 

Bruce Protocol

Contraindication????? : 

This Tradmill Stress Test was found difficult to Predischarge patients of Myocardial Infarction. People found it difficult to adapt to the initial stage of Bruce protocol i.e, GRADE -10% with SPEED – 2.7 km/hr. Pre discharge treadmill test is often a sign limited one unlike the symptom limited test done in other situations. Contraindication?????

Modified Bruce Protocol : 

Modified Bruce Protocol

The Bruce Protocol Formula for Estimating VO2 Max : 

For Men VO2 max = 14.8 - (1.379 x T) + (0.451 x T²) - (0.012 x T³) For Women VO2 max = 4.38 x T - 3.9 T = Total time on the treadmill measured as a fraction of a minute (ie: A test time of 9 minutes 30 seconds would be written as T=9.5). The Bruce Protocol Formula for Estimating VO2 Max

References!!!! : 

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