A Must-Read Guide Before Spending A Fortune on Antique Jewellery

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Before spending a fortune on antique pieces, reading this guide is a must!


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A GUIDE TO BUYING ANTIQUE JEWELLERY Things You Need To Know Before Buying Antique Jewellery

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Antique jewellery is not appealing to some people too bad for them as they’re actually missing some of the best pieces of jewellery. Aside from the history that an antique piece has it also has unique designs which you can rarely find in modern pieces of jewellery. You just need to be cautious when buying antique jewellery as not all of the ones being offered to you may be authentic. Any person can be fooled by the magic of sales talk. So if you’re planning to purchase antique jewellery here are some of the things that you should know before you spend your money on that antique piece. WHERE TO BUY You’ll probably find plenty of antique jeweller sellers. But you should always be cautious as not all of them stand up for their name. There are some which may look authentic but actually aren’t. Here are some places where you can find antique jewellery. Online Shops – Look for reputable online shops that sell antique jewellery. Positive reviews given by previous buyers can be a good indication about the seller’s reputation. When buying online you need to check the pictures. Make sure that the pictures of their collection don’t look like they’re from a magazine or a catalogue – just like what you see in mass-produced jewellery. Antique Jewellery Stores– If you want to personally see the selection of jewellery before purchasing one you can visit antique jewellery stores in your local area. Make sure they are known to be antique dealers just like Kalmar Antiques.

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WHAT TO CHECK There are certain indications you should be aware of when buying antique jewellery. Such indications will help you ensure that you’re paying for the real thing. Check the brand of the jewellery Antique jewellery are special but nothing compares to antique jewellery that come from luxury brands. If you’re looking for designer jewellery you can opt for Chanel or Versace. For watches you can check some of the antique watches from Hermès or Cartier. Look for signature markings Luxury brands have their signature markings in every piece they manufacture. Look for these signature markings when buying jewellery. These markings include the logo and the writings you can find either inside or outside the jewellery. Research about the signature markings of the brand that you want to purchase. Your knowledge on this will be helpful for you to easily identify counterfeits. You should be careful as it’s difficult to notice counterfeits as they’re becoming better in copying authentic antique pieces. You might not notice that the logo is misspelled. Check where the antique pieces have been manufactured This is one of the very important details that most buyers miss when buying antique pieces. Make sure to check the “Made in …” mark found in the jewellery. Research where the brand mostly manufactures their jewellery. For example Versace always manufactures their jewellery in Italy. If you are into Cartier watches you should take note that all Cartier watches are manufactured in Switzerland thus Swiss made.

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Know about its history Another factor that adds value to an antique piece is its history. Some of the designs also change depending on how old it is so make sure to talk with a reliable antique dealer. This is one of the reasons why it’s best to purchase from antique dealers as they are very knowledgeable of background of an item. Once you know its history it will surely become more special for you. You never know if that piece of jewellery might have been owned once by someone famous. Look at the jewellery’s condition Look at the jewellery’s condition. Make sure that the jewellery is still in good condition especially if it’s an engagement ring you plan to give to your loved one. If you are looking for a great selection of antique rings you can get stunning antique engagement rings from Kalmar Antiques. COMPARE PRICES It may be difficult to find the same exact pieces of jewellery for you to easily compare prices but the price is always a good indicator of a piece’s authenticity. Check the price if it’s too low or too overpriced based on the item’s brand and condition. If you’re being offered an antique Rolex watch for just 100 AUD then you’re probably getting a fake one.

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Talk to an antique dealer in your local area where you can get a proper appraisal for the piece that you like – and you can also be certain that it’s not a counterfeit. The things mentioned above are the things that you must be aware of before you decide to spend a luxury on antique jewellery. It’s best to be cautious as you might get ripped off for paying for something that’s not authentic.

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