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Gynecomastia Surgery Mumbai is a Professional Website which provides information on important aspects related to Gynecomastia and its corrective surgery procedure. The site enlists various hospitals and clinics that are equipped to perform gynecomastia-related cosmetic surgeries in Mumbai. Visit for more details.


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Gynecomastia Common Disorder in males involving enlargement or swelling of mammary tissue . It is usually due to imbalance in endocrine system leading to a non-cancerous enlargement of glandular tissue.

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Generally, no treatment is required for gynecomastia . Pbertal gynecomastia resolves itself in varying times ranginging from weeks to 3 years. Diagnosing and treatng the underlying cause of disorder is the primary line of treatment. If hypogonadism is the cause- testosterone replacement therapy is given

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In Patients with Idiopathic gynecomastia or significant amount of residual condition after primary line of treatment has been done medical and surgical treament can be instituted. Early treatment of condition gives satisfying results while older gynecomastia where fibrotic stage has resulted does not receive much benefit from medical treatment.

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Admiinistration of clomiphene , an antiestrogen results in nearly 50% reduction of breast size and 20% patients get satisfying results with through the treatment. Administration of Tamoxifen , an estrogen antagonist, is done in recent-onset cases. Nearly 80% patients get partial to complete resolution. Danazol , synthetic derivative of testosterone is also used in some cases to reduce estrogen synthesis in testicles.

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Breast Surgery or Reduction mammoplasty is considered for patients affected with macromastia (where condition has been long-standing) unresponsive to medical treatment. This is basically treatment given for cosmetic reasons for the psychosocial well-being of the patient.

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In some cases, extensive plastic surgery imay be required where there is visible sagging of the breast tissue due to varied reasons (like weight loss). The reduction surgery for macromastia or pseudogynecomastia can be warranted with liposuction. Endoscopic subcutaneous mastectomy has also been found to be effective treatment, according to Chinese study involving 65 patients.

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The endoscopic method of treatment has reportedly brought significant results with few operative complications including partial nipple necrosis. The post-surgical chest –contour was reportedly satisfactory to most patients and no recurrences were observed in 3- 36 month of follow-up period .

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Complications of reduction surgery include sloughing of tissue that occurs due to compromised blood supply, chest- contour irregularity, formation of hematoma or serotoma , necrosis and permanent numbness in the nipple- areolar area.

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The term Gynecomastia had been coined by Galen in 2 nd century AD. The first recorded description of reduction mammaplasty was done by Paulas of Aegina in 7 th century AD according to western researchers. Today a multi-faceted approach combined with surgery is used to effect an optimisation of correction of deformity.

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The fatty component is removed using liposuction while the glandular component requires direct excision. The Skin is then redraped or resected over the underlying operated tissues. Sometimes the condition of gynecomastia may be highly painful in individuals, which indicates excessive growth of glandular tissue.

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Besides physical pain, the emotional, psychological and psychosocial status of the individual may be in danger due to significant gynecomastia . It has been observed that most physicians tend to ignore the condition even after its detection. Fortunately, there occurs natural recession of condition in young boys after puberty, but in unresolved cases, dangerous situations can result due to ignoramus , cruel peer behaviour . This can significantly affect the psychosocial status of affected individual.

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