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Hindustan Unilever : 

Hindustan Unilever Hindustan Unilever Limited (abbreviated to HUL), formerly Hindustan Lever Limited , is India's largest consumer products company and was formed in 1933 as Lever Brothers India Limited. It is currently headquartered in Mumbai, India and its 41,000 employees are headed by Harish Manwani, the non-executive chairman of the board. HUL is the market leader in Indian products such as tea, soaps, detergents, shampoos, as its products have become daily household name in India.

Unilever context : 

Unilever context Foods and Home & Personal Care business

History : 

History Sunsilk is the name of a brand of hair care products for women produced by the Unilever group. It was launched in 1954 in the United Kingdom. By 1959, it was available in eighteen different countries worldwide. Currently, Sunsilk products are available in over 50 countries throughout Asia, The Middle East, North Africa and Latin America, where is known as Sedal. In Brazil, this brand is known as Seda.

Products : 

Products Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner Sunsilk Silky and Straight Shampoo Sunsilk Hydra Sunsilk Care & Repair Shampoo Sunsilk Daily Repair Conditioner Sunsilk for Hair Damaged by Daily Wear and Tear Sunsilk Soothing Conditioner

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30% spontaneously mentioned Sunsilk as a shampoo brand following the campaign whilst 54% of those who saw the ad mentioned Sunsilk. High Coverage Achieved with 40% women 25-44 recalling the bus adverts.

Cont. : 

Cont. Product consideration was very high with 60% of those who saw the ad claiming they are more likely to consider purchasing Sunsilk. The creative was very popular with over half(54%) of women 25-44 rating it as very/quite good. 54% claimed they are more positive towards Sunsilk after the bus campaign.

Life Can’t Wait : 

Life Can’t Wait Sunsilk’s latest campaign, Life Can’t Wait, aims to inspire women all over the globe to live their lives to the fullest. The founding idea behind the campaign is that hair can dramatically alter a girl’s mood and actions. The philosophy behind it is that by taking appearance into their own hands, girls are equally taking positive steps towards being more in control of their life: “Hair On= Life On”

Market Strategy : 

Market Strategy In the early years, Sunsilk focused much of its marketing attention on gaining international presence. A new campaign was launched to recruit younger users. The new products focused on hair color, texture, feeling, dryness, etc. The updated Sunsilk campaign, "Get Hairapy", followed the same strategy, marking a bold move towards users in their 20s and upwards said to be in their "quarter-life crisis".

Pricing : 

Pricing The present strategic move is designed to offer a similar consumer value to users of shampoo bottles. Thus, the 125 ml pack for Rs 50 has been converted into 100 ml pack at Rs 37; the 250 ml pack at Rs 100 will now be 200 ml at Rs 70. The steepest cut has been effected in the 400 ml pack size which will now cost Rs 25 less at Rs 125.

Cont. : 

Cont. Taking the shampoo price wars further, Hindustan Lever had again slashed prices, but this time the price cut has been in the Sunsilk Natural brand. The company has effected price cuts between 7.5 per cent to 15 per cent across pack sizes, while retaining the 40 ml size at Rs 10 and also the sachets at price points of 50 paise, Re 1and Rs 2.

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Rs.355/- Do The Quiff- Sunsilk Layers and texture definition wax Rs.470 The Blow Out Rs.125 Sunsilk Layers and Texture Definition Conditioner Rs.175 Sunsilk Layers and Texture Definition shampoo

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