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Kaizen Lean Transformation Cases - AIM:

Kaizen Lean Transformation Cases - AIM Discrete Processes Assembly Discrete Processes Production Continuous Processes Process Industry Logistic Processes Storage & Transport Transactional Processes Administration & Service

Discrete Processes - Assembly:

Discrete Processes - Assembly Processes where Manual Assembly Manufacturing Work is Predominant (ex: auto assembly lines, consumer goods assembly lines, any type of assembly line or workstation)

Discrete/ Assembly Lakshmi Machine Works: Full factory transformation:

Discrete/ Assembly Lakshmi Machine Works : Full factory transformation 3 Assembly & Stores - Before Kaizen Assembly & Stores - After Kaizen Results Logistics - After Kaizen Inventory in open space Multi-storey stores overfull with Inventory Cluttered Assembly Reorder of items through Kanban Supermarket – Controlled Inventory Organized Assembly Internal logistics by Mizusumashi Mini Super Market in production Suppliers connected by Milkrun concept

Discrete/ Assembly Milton Plastics: Full factory transformation:

Discrete/ Assembly Milton Plastics : Full factory transformation 4 Assembly & Production - Before Kaizen Assembly & Stores - After Kaizen Results Multiple Operators- Single function Sitting operations in assembly lines Large lot Production Production - After Kaizen SMED – Change over in 90 sec Improvement of machines Small lot production Kanban – Inventory reduced from nose level to knee level Single Operator Multi-functional Standing operations in assembly lines

Discrete/ Assembly NAS In-flight Catering: Functional to Process Based Management:

Discrete/ Assembly NAS In-flight Catering : Functional to Process Based Management 5 Process Before Process After Assembly – Before & After Kaizen Results 5 different sub-assemblies (Salad, Main Meal, Dessert, Tray Set, Equipment) to complete a single meal One Common assembly – Salad, Main Meal, Dessert, Tray Set & Equipment to create a one piece flow process Before After After Before Batch processing Conveyor belt. 4 Operators One-piece flow process 2 Operators. Workstation

Discrete/ Assembly Biocon: Productivity improvement in Manual packing line:

Discrete/ Assembly Biocon : Productivity improvement in Manual packing line 6 Unbalanced line- Before Kaizen Re-arrangement of manpower by balancing the line Balanced line & Rejection analysis for reducting rejects Results Activities which exceed Takt time (0.84 sec) is managed by material handler effort to maintain balance

Discrete/ Assembly Kenchic: Heijunka implementation:

Discrete/ Assembly Kenchic : Heijunka implementation 7 Kanban flow - Before Kanban flow After – Make to Stock items Kanban Levelling – Rules & Operating principles Kanban flow After – Make to Order items Short Supplies: Current = 15% Target = 0

Discrete/ Assembly Cellular Manufacturing:

Discrete/ Assembly Cellular Manufacturing 8 Batch Manufacturing Layout, Before New Cellular layout Close up of operations in new cellular layout Results

Discrete/ Assembly East African Growers: Flow implementation in flower packing:

Discrete/ Assembly East African Growers : Flow implementation in flower packing 9 Workstation – Before & After Standardized flow for Supply & Evacuation Clean and standardized workplace Results Before After Before After Cluttered work place Un-tidy workplace Standardized work place Clean & tidy workplace

Discrete/ Assembly Fontana: Productivity improvement in harvesting flowers:

Discrete/ Assembly Fontana : Productivity improvement in harvesting flowers 10 Spaghetti Diagram – Before Kaizen Spaghetti Diagram – After Kaizen Improvement of Yield, Activities improved and standardized Results Before After Many stems – Sizing difficult Few stems – Sizing easy Many stems leads to damage Few stems ease to carry

Discrete/ Assembly Longonot: Flow in pack house:

Discrete/ Assembly Longonot : Flow in pack house 11 Preliminary Analysis Spaghetti Diagram New layout in the packing hall Results Process wise cycle time in pack house Before After

Discrete/ Assembly Shalimar flowers: Yield improvement from Harvesting to dispatch:

Discrete/ Assembly Shalimar flowers : Yield improvement from Harvesting to dispatch 12 Short Stems Broken Stems Bruises Results Before After After Before Before After Broken stems due to poor storage system in cold store Proper handling at Grading table Proper storage system in cold store Bruising due to poor handling at Grading table Short stems were rejected after cutting from the field Avoiding short stems & utilizing them at field Before After

Discrete/ Assembly Ubbink: 5S & Visual Management:

Discrete/ Assembly Ubbink : 5S & Visual Management 13 5S - Office 5S - Assembly 5S - Assembly Results (5S audit score) – 19 Gemba’s Keys with Color code & name tag After Before Standard label for folders & marking on shelves Visual Mgmt. to help monitor the cutting of EVA & back sheets Visual Mgmt. to monitor the daily defective laminates Items labeled on storage tray at Pre- lamination table Clean floor with floor lines Visual mgmt. of kaizen progress through displays Count free token to reduce the stock take time of WIP

Discrete Processes - Production:

Discrete Processes - Production Processes where Machine Manufacturing Work in Batches is Predominant (ex: plastic injection, printing, packaging, stamping, pressing, bending, etc )

Discrete/ Production Zydus Cadila: Expansion of Tablet facility (Cellular Flow Design) :

Discrete/ Production Zydus Cadila : Expansion of Tablet facility (Cellular Flow Design) 15 Plan with Conventional Design (Old facility) Paradigm Shift from Conventional Design to Cellular flow design Cellular flow design (For expansion of tablet facility) Results

Discrete/ Production Zydus Cadila: Full factory transformation :

Discrete/ Production Zydus Cadila : Full factory transformation 16 Cycle time reduction (Lyophilization) Increase of machine capacity Workstation for Vaccine R Packing line Egg Processing Capacity & Recovery Cycle Time reduction from 48 Hours to 34 Hours Processing Capacity increased from 0.45 Million Vials to 0.81 Million Vials per month Old New Before = 85 doses/ man-hour After = 120 doses/ man-hour Improvement= 30%

Discrete/ Production Mabati Rolling Mills: Value Stream Management :

Discrete/ Production Mabati Rolling Mills : Value Stream Management 17 Process Before OTIF through Batch Builder, Heijunka, Logistics Board, Kanban & Supermarket Process After Results

Discrete/ Production Mabati Rolling Mills: Heijunka implementation :

Discrete/ Production Mabati Rolling Mills : Heijunka implementation 18 Kanban process flow for regular orders (Made to Stock) Kanban process flow for special orders (Made to Order) Kanban sequencer and Heijunka Box Benefits Heijunka box allows the team to load the machine so that it is in tune with its hourly capacity Shift Scheduling – Kanbans arranged Planning for Maintenance Monitoring & Production Planning Kanban sequencer helps in prioritizing the Kanban to ensure smooth flow and to avoid stock-outs

Discrete/ Production Blowplast Limited: Full factory transformation :

After After Before Before Before After Before Discrete/ Production Blowplast Limited : Full factory transformation 19 Office & Master Batch Stores Finished Goods Store Kaizen in Machines & Die storage Results Before After 5S in Office 5S in Master batch Store After Machine is hard to inspect for any abnormality Die storage clearly labeled Machine modified and failures are now easy to detect Product identification is difficult Easy identification of products Unplanned over production Planned production using PULL method

Discrete/ Production Deepa Industries: Full factory transformation :

Before Discrete/ Production Deepa Industries : Full factory transformation 20 Quality Lab & Sanitation Store Finished Goods Store Kaizen in Machines & Tool storage Results After Before After After Before Unorganized workplace Storage of items is hard to retrieve Systematic arrangement of items Optimized inventory. Ease to pick. After Difficulty in aligning the shaft for every changeover Height & rotation is marked for ease alignment Shadow board for tools. Name tag for quick retrieval of tools Before After After Unbalanced inventory. Items in multiple location. High stock take time. Fixed location & hanging visuals for each item. Clear aisles with floor lines. Kanban priority board for ease planning

Discrete/ Production ABM: Full factory transformation:

OEE Analysis – Before Kaizen Before Discrete/ Production ABM : Full factory transformation 21 Machines – Before & After Kaizen Spares & Distribution Store – After Kaizen Material Stores – Before & After Kaizen Results After Exposed Bearing balls Protected Bearing balls Before After 1) Materials arranged with no order. 2) Stacks too high 1) Materials arranged well 2) Stacks not too high 3) Ease to count Floor plan prepared to easily locate the items Inventory controlled and replenishment is through Kanban signals Management of Common tools Spares – Place for Everything, Everything in its Place

Discrete/ Production Mahindra Conveyors: Early Management for New plant layout:

Discrete/ Production Mahindra Conveyors : Early Management for New plant layout 22 Early Management Event Structure – 3 Phases Capacity Planning & Team designing the new Layout Current State Mapping & Future State Mapping (Bucket Elevator Value Stream) Results CSM FSM Layout Pictures

Discrete/ Production Spinknit Textile: Spares Management:

Discrete/ Production Spinknit Textile : Spares Management 23 Spare Parts Store – Before & After Spare Parts Store – Before & After Spare Parts Store - After Results High Inventory due to Slow & Non-moving spares High Searching time Controlled Inventory Reduced Searching time using 5S & Golden rules of Storage Before After After Before Climb Free Bend Free Vertical Storage- Air Free Place for Everything & Everything in its Place (PEEP) First In First Out FIFO)

Discrete/ Production Coretec (Ancillary of Yuken India): Full factory transformation:

Discrete/ Production Coretec (Ancillary of Yuken India) : Full factory transformation 24 Re-layout at Coretec Testing of iron cores & Use of Right-sized machines Kanban for iron cores Results Before After Wasteful movements drastically reduced Cramped MD’s office enlarged by 30% Kanban from Customer (Yuken) Kanban from Supplier Empty trays collected from Yuken, required iron cores produced & filled trays delivered to Yuken next day Sub-contractor picks up empty trays & returns filled trays next day Before After Test iron cores one by one for air leak & for movement of the manual pin New test rig using a hydraulic power pack. Both tests now combined. Old: Batches of 50 cleaned at a time New: Batches of 6 cleaned at a time Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Discrete/ Production NAS In-flight Catering: Full factory transformation:

Discrete/ Production NAS In-flight Catering : Full factory transformation 25 Kaizen in Technical stores & Dry stores Improvement in Production – Equipment packing & Kitchen Kaizen in finished products cold room & wash-up area Results Before After Before Poor arrangement in cold room Poor arrangement in wash area Well arranged with clear path ways After Parking with marking Proper arrangement & use of Kanban system Use of cells to pack the kits Dusty storage in Technical stores Conveyor roller used for packing dry stores & crew kits Before After Before After Before Before After After Batch packing on top of trolleys Use of batch system in the Kitchen One-piece flow system in workstation Workstation using standardized layout

Discrete/ Production Kenafric: Inventory Management in Finished Goods store:

Discrete/ Production Kenafric : Inventory Management in Finished Goods store 26 Kenafric’s Kaizen journey Sequencer Board used for Planning Product Mix & Machine Maintenance Kanban process flow from Customer to Production Results

Discrete/ Production Reliance Industries (Textile): Flow in Mending:

Discrete/ Production Reliance Industries (Textile) : Flow in Mending 27 Value Stream Map for improving the flow in Mending 5S at Maintenance room 5S & Quality tools (DOE) – Reducing Spinning & Weaving rejections Results Before After Before After Corrugated sheet leading to poor suction in scrubber Improper storage of reeds Corrugated sheet not used while setting the scrubber 5S in Reed storage area After Before After Before Unnecessary items. Dirty work area Very poor housekeeping Space created, racks arranged Proper arrangement - Tools & belts

Discrete/ Production Apex Steel: Full Factory Transformation :

Discrete/ Production Apex Steel : Full Factory Transformation 28 5S in Tool room, Furnace Platform & Pit site area Scrap management in the Scrap yard & Furnace Platform AM in 7.5 T & 15.5 T Crane Results Furnace Charging Sequence Scrap arrangement in Furnace Platform Unclean & Loose cables Leakage & Vibration Abnormalities corrected CLIT markings for reducing cleaning time Poor storage & arrangement of tools Tools well arranged & ease to pick

Discrete/ Production Sandvik: Implementation of TPM :

Discrete/ Production Sandvik : Implementation of TPM 29 Machines – Before Autonomous Maintenance Improvisation of Hard to Clean, Lubricate, Inspect & Tightening areas Machines – After Autonomous Maintenance Results After Before After Before Feed carriage inside – Hard to Clean Belt drive – Difficult to inspect Use of transparent door to inspect Use of special cleaning tool Annealing tank with abnormalities Cellar area – Untidy, Dirt etc. Contamination - Splattering Annealing tank localized from Dirt/ Dust Clean cellar area Localization of Contamination

Discrete/ Production Hampson: Total Flow Manufacturing :

Discrete/ Production Hampson : Total Flow Manufacturing 30 Before Kaizen Waste Reduction – After Kaizen Waste Reduction – After Kaizen Results Batch/ Push production Weak 5S High WIP, High FG inventory No visual system, No identification Reduced inventory through cell formation & single piece flow Reduced motion: High frequency usage items at Point of Use Reduced waiting: 1) Tools in Cell 2) Self first off sample approval Improved transportation: 1) Straight aisles across for ease movement of materials 2) RM in & FG out at main gate 3) All cells nearer to main gangway Utilization of employee intelligence: 1) Process ownership – RM to FG 2) My machine concept 3) Multi manning & Multi skill approach

Discrete/ Production London Distillers: Inventory Management in Engineering spare stores :

Discrete/ Production London Distillers : Inventory Management in Engineering spare stores 31 Air free storage – Before & After Kaizen Count & Climb free storage – After Kaizen Search free storage – After Kaizen Results Equal gap between shelves in spite of different product height resulting in air storage Shelf height adjusted as per product height to reduce storage of air between shelves Racks & shelves were labeled Index list updated with the location detail of each item Count free lines to reduce counting time of filters Vee -belts arranged type & family wise

Discrete/ Production Coninx: Changeover (SMED) time reduction in Injection machine:

Discrete/ Production Coninx : Changeover (SMED) time reduction in Injection machine 32 Changeover analysis – separate Internal from External work Improvements to reduce Changeover time Changeover – Before Kaizen Results Use of slings to lift the mould Changeover tools on the machine External connection of water hose pipe Mould temperature controller for pre-heating Tools were hard to retrieve In & Out nipples not marked Clamping the mould using spacers

Discrete/ Production Coninx: Quality improvement (reduce rejection) in Extrusion machine:

Discrete/ Production Coninx : Quality improvement (reduce rejection) in Extrusion machine 33 Analysis of Rejection – Type & Quantity Causes for rejection & Counter measures - Flatness Cause & Counter measure - Flatness Results Roller position is not standard, causing flatness Wrong height of haul off causes flatness Use of line marking to set correct height Bolt position marked to check

Discrete/ Production Cellular Manufacturing in Finishing section:

Discrete/ Production Cellular Manufacturing in Finishing section 34 Before Kaizen New Cellular Finishing Cell – After Kaizen Old layout (finishing area) – Before Kaizen Results Trim & Exam is a isolated section & detached from its ‘customer’ - i.e. pressing

Continuous Processes - Process Industry:

Continuous Processes - Process Industry Processes where Materials Flow in a Continuous Way (liquids, gases or discrete material flow) within Pipes and Automatic Manufacturing Facilities (ex: woodboards , aluminium refinery, oil refinery, mixing of food, cement, etc )

Continuous/ Process BIDCO: Full Factory Transformation:

Continuous/ Process BIDCO : Full Factory Transformation 36 Process equipment & Stores - Before Storage area – Before & After Process equipment & stores - After Results LIFO-No Kanban Spoiled caustic bags Old New Poor 5S & equipment efficiency Poor 5S & storage method in the stores Improved 5S & equipment efficiency Improved 5S & storage method in the stores

Continuous/ Process Unga Limited: Full factory transformation :

Systematic arrangement - Stores Improved Visual signs in Machines Continuous/ Process Unga Limited : Full factory transformation 37 Office, Stores & Production – Before Kaizen Stores (Spare & Finished Goods) – After Kaizen Office & Production - After Kaizen Results Machines – High Breakdown, Low Yield Poorly arranged Spare stores Untidy Offices Organized Storage – File & Folders Floor markings, Improved Yield in machines Zone Map - Finished Goods stores Inventory control through Kanban

Continuous/ Process Kamani Oil Industries: Workstation design – Productivity improvement :

Continuous/ Process Kamani Oil Industries : Workstation design – Productivity improvement 38 Workstation - Before Workstation – After 2 & 3 Workstation – After 1 Results Workstation – After 2 Workstation – After 3

Continuous/ Process Spinknit Dairy: Full factory transformation :

Continuous/ Process Spinknit Dairy : Full factory transformation 39 5S in Laboratory Quality Improvement (Reducing Blow Out’s) & Autonomous Maintenance Packing Material Stores Before After After Quality Improvement (Reducing Bad Milk returns from Market) Poor 5S – No PEEP, No labels, No workstation for each test Place for Everything & Everything in its Place (PEEP) Improved 5S. Workstation per test with labels. Drop test for packets to check the seal integrity The worn rollers & rubber pads from packing M/c replaced to avoid weak sealing Heaps of Bad milk packet returns from the market Blow Out’s are caused due to the gas generated by the bad milk Die Test indicates Blow Out is due to pin holes in packets. Problems corrected in the specific machine. Team identifying & correcting the abnormalities in Packing M/c Before After Not Search free, Not near Point Of Use (POU) & Excess inventory Controlled inventory, Point Of Use (POU) for Runners & less crowded store

Continuous/ Process : Flow from water filling to packing:

Continuous/ Process : Flow from water filling to packing 40 Material flow Before Material flow After Spaghetti Diagram – Before & After Kaizen Results Old New Waiting for inspection after capping Waiting for labeling Waiting for coding after labeling One piece flow from labeling to coding. Waiting eliminated No waiting between the processes. Reduced motion. Workstation for Labeling. Standing operation.

Logistic Processes - Storage & Transport:

Logistic Processes - Storage & Transport Processes where Materials Are Transported, Moved and Stored without Manufacturing Operations (ex: warehouses, cross docking, trucking, supermarkets, etc )

Transactional Processes - Administration & Service:

Transactional Processes - Administration & Service Processes where Information is Processed and Where there are Transactions (requests and decisions) Between Different Types of People (ex: all types of administration, engineering, creative, selling, consulting, etc )

Transactional/ Administration Blowplast Limited: Process Simplification:

Transactional/ Administration Blowplast Limited : Process Simplification 43 Cash Customers – Before Kaizen Customer complaints – Before & After Cash Customers – After Kaizen Results

Transactional/ Administration BIDCO: Value Stream Management (Order to Delivery):

Transactional/ Administration BIDCO : Value Stream Management (Order to Delivery) 44 Current State Map & Future State Map for Order to Delivery process Muda observed in Current process & the Countermeasures taken Spaghetti Diagram – Before & After Kaizen Results

Transactional/ Service BTB Insurance Brokers: Process Improvement:

Transactional/ Service BTB Insurance Brokers : Process Improvement 45 Preliminary Analysis Generation and delivery of client statements – After Kaizen Generation and delivery of client statements – Before Kaizen Results

Transactional/ Service BTB Insurance Brokers: Process Improvement:

Transactional/ Service BTB Insurance Brokers : Process Improvement 46 Preliminary Analysis Claims Processing – After Kaizen Claims Processing – Before Kaizen Results

Transactional/ Service Flooring & Interiors: Process Improvement:

Transactional/ Service Flooring & Interiors : Process Improvement 47 Tender receipt process (Makigami Process Mapping) – Before & After Kaizen 5S in stores – After Kaizen Daily Accountability Board to improve customer satisfaction (OTEF) Results Future state map is used as a monitoring board. Each tender process is monitored against the standard TPT Storage using 10 golden rules of storage Tool board with tool outline

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