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Yii 2 Framework development is known for its extremely high-performance PHP based applications that are best recommended for developing web 2.0 applications. Yii Framework Development is highly engrossed with its rich programming features such as MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching techniques, high authentication methodologies, role-based access controlling power, scaffolding systems and testing methods.


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Ways to install Yii 2 Advance framework Yii 2 Framework development is known for its extremely high-performance PHP based applications that are best recommended for developing web 2.0 applications. Yii Framework Development is highly engrossed with its rich programming features such as MVC DAO/ActiveRecord I18N/L10N caching techniques high authentication methodologies role-based access controlling power scaffolding systems and testing methods. Any professional level PHP development company will always prefer to hire Yii 2 developer who is highly skilled to make their business flourish more than others. Before hiring any Yii 2 developer an employer should judge technical skills of Yii 2 developers to easily work with Yii PHP framework so that they have full capability to transform every complex project into simpler ones by simultaneously meeting the requirements of clients globally. Benefits of Hiring Yii PHP framework:  Dedicated  Experienced enough to transform complex projects into simpler ones  Well versed with MVC structure  Save your project cost upto 60  Free to work with zero maintenance cost  Transparent approach to ensure smooth flow  Avail constant communication through email Skypee phone IM Installing Yii 2 Framework Well there are various methods of installing Yii 2 framework and that totally depends upon the environment you are working with: Installing Yii2 framework via Composer can easily be done by getting access to getcomposer.com. Installing Yii 2 framework on Linux or on Mac OS X needs to run the following below mentioned command:

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curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer  On Windows one will get to run Composer-Setup.exe file.  Further referring to the Composer Documentation process will help you deal with any kind of problems that are encountered by your system and you can further learn more about Composer usage.  One needs to update their Composer set-up file on regular basis by running composer self-update command. With Composer installed Yii 2 framework can easily be executed with the following commands under a Web- accessible folder: composer global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:1.1.1"  Installs composer asset plug-ins to allow manage bower ans npm package dependencies via composer. This command can be run once for all. composer create-project --prefer-dist yiisoft/yii2-app-basic basic  This command installs Yii in a directory named basic and lets you choose a different directory name that you want. At the time of installation Composer might ask for Github login credentials because Composer has numerous number of API rate-limit to retrieve various dependent package information from Github. Installing all the latest development version of Yii 2 framework uses the following command to add stability option: composer create-project --prefer-dist --stabilitydev yiisoft/yii2-app-basic basic  Any development version of Yii 2 framework should not be used for production to avoid its normal execution process. Installing Yii 2 framework from an Archive File Here are the following three Yii 2 framework installation steps from an archive files: 1. Download your archive file from yiiframework.com 2. Unzip the downloaded file to your Web-accessible folder. 3. Modify the config/web.php file by placing a secret key for the cookieValidationKey configuration item. This can be done automatically while you are installing Yii 2 framework using Composer: 4.// insert a secret key in the following if it is empty - this is required by cookie validation cookieValidationKey enter your secret key here

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You can access other installation modes as well: All the above installation instructions described shows how to proceed with Yii 2 framework to enable a proper creation of the basic web applications easily that will work as an out of the box idea. This approach is extremely useful at initial level for developing most of the web application projects whether it is small or big. Every beginner of-course needs to start with suitable working mode if you just at beginner level who is learning Yii 2 framework. Working with other various Yii 2 framework installation process is described below:  Craving to install Yii 2 core framework and its almost like building an entire application from scratch where you are suppose to follow the guidance of Yii 2 framework to develop applications from the scratch.  If you want to start with a more sophisticated application well its always better to team up with development environments to follow an easy installation process How you will verify that Yii 2 installed framework is running properly After installation is done either configure your web server or prefer working with built-in PHP web servers by running the following console command while in the project web directory: php yii serve Note: By default the HTTP-server will listen to port 8080. However if that port is already in use or you wish to serve multiple applications this way you might want to specify what port to use. Just add the --port argument: php yii serve --port8888 You can use your browser to access the installed Yii application with the following URL: http://localhost/

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