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Once when you finish this chapter you will be able to FIND THE AREA OF A TRIANGLE.

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HERON was born in about 10 AD possibly in Alexandria in Egypt. He worked in applied mathematics. His works on mathematical and physical subjects are so numerous and varied that he is considered to be an encyclopedic writer in these fields. Heron has derived the famous formula for the area of the triangles in terms of its three sides. HERON

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The formula given by Heron about the area of the triangle, is also known as the Hero’s formula. It is stated as: area of a triangle= half*base*height. area of a triangle= root of s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c) Here ‘s’ is the semi-perimeter of the triangle. The formula to find ‘s’ is: s= a+b+c divided by 2 HERON

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