The establishment of company power

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the establishment of company power

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At a glance Anglo mysore wars - 4 The battle of plassey, 1757.

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The First Anglo-Mysore War was a war in India between the Kingdom of Mysore and the British East India Company. Hyder Ali, ruler of Mysore, had begun to occupy the serious attention of the British government inCalcutta. In 1766, the British entered into an agreement with the Nizam of Hyderbad to equip him with troops to be used against the common threat. the battle was fought at changam. The first anglo mysore war

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In the second Anglo Mysore war ,Hyder formemed a common front with the Nizam of Hyderabad and the French army agaist the English . But while the war in progress Hyder Ali died and left the task of continuing the war against the English on his son Tipu Sultan. The second anglo mysore war

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They formedan alliance against Tipu Sultan in 1786. Mysore was emerging as a formidable power , the Marathas and the Nizam of Hyderbad were apprehensive. This defeat brought two allies, the Nizams and the Marathas, closer to the English. This alliance ultimately led to third Anglo Mysore war .English took away half of Tipus territories. The third anglo mysore war

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The fourth Anglo-Mysore War was of very short duration and decisive. Tipu was defeated by Stuart at Sedaseer. Tipu then retired to Seringapatnam, which was finally captured on May 4, 1799. Tipu was killed fighting bravely. The fourth Mysore war destroyed the whole state of Mysore. fourth anglo mysore war

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The battle of plassey was fought between the nawab of bengal siraj-ud-daula and the english east india company in 1757 for the following reasons. As the english did not dismantle the fortification , siraj-ud-daula seized the english factory at kasimbazar. This is known as black hole tragedy. the battle of plassey

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First and second anglo mysore wars.

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battle of plassey and the fourth anglo mysore wars

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Hyder ali And siraj-ud-dauluh

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Tipu sultan and lord cornwallis

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Lord wellesley and mirjafar

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done by kailash and indrajit sidharth gautham

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