Tourism Australia Strategic Plan

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Tourism Australia Strategic Plan :

Tourism Australia Strategic Plan OZ Assignment help

Australia Strategic Introduction :

Australia Strategic Introduction this is Tourism Australia Strategic plan Assignment of an organization are blue prints on which the organization will move forward to achieve its long and as well as short term goals. Organizations all over the world form a strategic plan for their growth or expansions and removal of any bottlenecks they are facing. Working environment of organizations varies according to their country of establishment’ work culture’ economy and social structures

Business strategy developed for tourism Australia. :

Business strategy developed for tourism Australia. Tourism Australia is aiming to expand its business revenue to 140 billion dollars by 2020. Minister of tourism has launched a national long term tourism strategy in year 2009. The strategy is putting great emphasis on the importance of tourism industry for economic development of the country. The organization has developed a framework to gain a sustainable and competitive industry edge over its competitors and attain its objectives for year 2020. The four key parts of the strategy which has vast human resources implications are leadership development’ quality and delivery of services’ strategic industry investments etc .

Human resource implications of the business strategy :

Human resource implications of the business strategy In the business strategic plan we have identified 5 key areas where human resources implications are very critical for implementation of the strategy. These key areas contain great importance for the 2020 tourism potential plan of the ministry of tourism of Australia. Improving skills and competencies development of the work force Development of a sustainable succession planning process Development of cooperative relationship with other industrial work force Promotion of the services and products into international market. Enhancing professional human resource management through better policies and improving productivity of the workforce.

Human resource policy statement:

Human resource policy statement “To develop the workforce in a professional manner with leadership qualities and succession planning so that they are ready to take challenges and utilize opportunities lay ahead with the plan 2020 tourism potential.”


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Functional strategic human resource plan:

Functional strategic human resource plan Objectives o f the plan To ensure that at least 70 percent of the work force is trained and developed in next 3 years to fulfill their competencies gap and attainment of better skill set required in tourism industry To draw a long term succession plan and identify at least 100 future leaders and groom them for leadership roles in future for different expertise and disciplines of tourism industry.

Ethical consideration:

Ethical consideration While providing training and leadership development programs for the employee special courses will be formed for the ethical issues faced by them during work. They will be given live case studies and groomed to make the right decisions. Employees with the highest ethical standards would be encouraged’ rewarded and priority will be given to their promotion making it a role model for other employees


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