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Classifying Polygons : 

Classifying Polygons Polygon – a closed plane figure whose sides are segments that intersect only at their endpoints. (has 3 or more sides that are all straight)

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Polygons are named according to the number of sides.  The names of the most common polygons are given below:

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Names of other polygons:

Names of Polygons by Number of Sides and Angles : 

Names of Polygons by Number of Sides and Angles

The following figures are NOT Polygons: : 

The following figures are NOT Polygons:

Regular Polygons : 

Regular Polygons All sides have the same length All angles have the same measure Examples of Regular Polygons:

Irregular Polygons : 

Irregular Polygons If a polygon is not a regular polygon, then it is said to be an irregular polygon. For example, the quadrilateral shown below is an irregular polygon.

Concave Polygons : 

Concave Polygons Has one or more angles that are collapsed or dented in Has an interior angle that measures more than 180º Examples of Concave Polygons:

Convex Polygons : 

Convex Polygons All interior angles are less than 180º Examples of Convex Polygons:

Concave and Convex Polygons : 

Concave and Convex Polygons

Student Polygon Video : 

Student Polygon Video

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