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Google AMP is the new technique under which web developer makes the websites More Mobile Friendly. There are the number of mobile users increases exponentially, so it serves good quality of pages to the user which has the capacity to upload instantly even on low internet connection.


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Google AMP:

Google AMP

What is Google AMP? :

What is Google AMP? Google AMP consists of 3 main components: 1. AMP HTML: AMP HTML is HTML with a set of requirements and restrictions. 2. AMP JS: AMP JS ensures the faster loading of the web pages. 3. AMP Cache: The AMP Cache is used to serve cached web pages on the browser.

How Does It Work?:

How Does It Work? Google AMP uses asynchronous javascript and restrains the use of any JavaScript written by the developer. The extensions which require additional HTTP requests such as Instagram embeds, lightboxes , tweets and the like, AMP is conducive to them. There are many other mechanisms which Google AMP performs such as Third Party JavaScript, CSS rendering, Large fonts of web pages, and running optimizations on GPU.

What are the benefits? :

What are the benefits? Speed SEO benefits Increasing Ad views

Is there any demerit?:

Is there any demerit? More work and less analytics Less control over content and design limiting the design styles

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