past & present habits

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Present & Past habits:

Present & Past habits

Slide 2:

I used to believe that a honeymoon was when you literally went to the moon and picked honey with your husband.

Slide 3:

What did you use to believe when you were a kid?

used to/would:

used to/would He _____________ drive her to work before she got her driver’s license.

used to:

used to France ____________ be a monarchy but now it’s a republic.

used to:

used to I ____________ live alone when I was a student.

used to/would:

used to/would When the weather was good, we _____________ go walking in the countryside.

used to:

used to I ___________have a dog named Charlie.

used to:

used to I _______________ like going to pop concerts when I was a teenager.


would I _____________ always forget my homework, until the teacher punished me.

used to/would:

used to/would Every summer we _____________ go to the seaside.

used to/would:

used to/would I ____________ work out every day but now I have little time.

Slide 13:

I used to be so beautiful and fresh… I am not used to housework! I am used to having fun! I still can’t get used to cooking by myself! I am getting used to being a mother…

You try:):

You try:) I used to be… I am used to… Now I got used to… I am getting used to…

Choose the correct option::

Choose the correct option: We aren't used to listening to that kind of music We aren't used to listen to that kind of music She will soon get used to work here She will soon get used to working here

Slide 16:

I used to working for that company I used to work for that company When she moved to France she had to get used to drive on the right When she moved to France she had to get used to driving on the right

Slide 17:

We couldn’t sleep in Japan, we aren't used to sleeping on the floor We couldn’t sleep in Japan, we aren't used to sleep on the floor The most difficult thing was to get used to eating such spicy food The most difficult thing was to get used to eat such spicy food


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