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Google Awards session : "Accessible 3D signing avatars "


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Accessible 3D signing avatars : the tunisian experience:

Accessible 3D signing avatars : the tunisian experience By Kabil Jaballah UTIC research Laboratory , University of Tunis W4A 2012, Google Student Awards


Plan Introduction Signing avatars Signing avatars systems arround the world WebSign : The T unisian experience Signing avatars indexing and retreival Challenges and future work


Introduction In T unisia 90% of deaf people are illetrate ( IPH : Institut de promotion des handicapés 2010) Information depriviation Absence Incidental learning Websites and other text contents are not accessible for the T unisian deaf community Solution : Translate contents into Sign Language

Signing avatars ( benefits):

Signing avatars ( benefits ) H elp deaf people to overcome the barriers ( Access to contents and media) Able to represent sign language in its dynamic / visual form Offer programmability Customizable Handle changing information Funny and easily adopted by deaf ( Kids) Lightweight , increasingly published on the Internet

Signing avatars : WebSign:

Signing avatars : WebSign Websign is an automatic translator from written text into sign language . Websign is based on the technology of avatars .

WebSign Applications : Screen Reader:

WebSign Applications : Screen Reader 6

WebSign Applications : Course generator:

7 Topics Menu Words Menu 3 D avatar WebSign Applications : Course generator

WebSign interface : Demo:

WebSign interface : Demo

Signing avatars indexing and retreival:

Signing avatars indexing and retreival While surfing on the World Wide web, We can find lots of 3D Signing avatars containing lots of usefull information ….. But not understood by hearing persons .

Indexing phase:

Indexing phase Indexing Phase 10 SceneID Scene URL Scene status WordID SceneID Similarity Scenes repository structure Word index structure Index structure

Signing avatars indexing and retreival:

Signing avatars indexing and retreival Matching interface

Challenges and future work:

Challenges and future work Upgrade WebSign interface to HTML5 WAI-WCAG 2.0 compliance Explore the best practices , techniques and standards for rendering s igning avatars A ccessible , indexable and efficiently retrievable signing avatars.

Thank You:

Thank You Kabil Jaballah kabil.jaballah@utic.rnu.tn www.utic.rnu.tn/WebSign 13

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