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Slide 15 Born digital, millennials have always had information, software, music, multimedia available 24/7 at a click. Mostly it has been open and free. Technology is a part of their lives. If teachers want to reach these new generations they will have to allow them to be involved in their own learning. The technology will not always come from the classroom; teachers will have to harness the power of the technology that the students bring to the classroom…but it won’t be just the classroom inside a school because learning will be everywhere-anytime…online class..formal and informal Slide 16 According to PBS’s Digital Nation, kids aged 13 to 17 average 1,742 text messages a month -42 % say they can text while blindfolded. 82 % of 7th-to 12 graders multitask while doing homework. A generation who claims to be excellent at multitasking, may not be as efficient as they claim. The Kaiser Foundation reports that average 8-18 year olds spend more than 50 hours a week with digital media. No doubt they are connected, confident and open to change. How much do you have in common with your millennial students? To find out how Pew Research rates you, take their How Millennial Are You Test ..So be honest you sleep with your cell phone?

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Slide 10 They are open. According to 2010 Pew Research, 66% realize that they will switch careers in their lives. Change is not just GOOD; it is NORMAL! Slide 11 They understand that the world is changing socially and they don’t think it is a bad thing. Many come from families with single parents, or are children of divorce. They are more tolerant of social change. Slide 12 They are much more diverse than other generations and getting more diverse every year. They are not all the same…education will have to be collaborative but also individualized. Slide 13 They are community minded. Education will have to focus on larger community and global citizenship. Slide 14 They are born collaborators. They are comfortable sharing information and working together especially online in social networks.

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Slide 7 No longer satisfied with waiting for information to be pushed, people decided to pick and choose what they wanted. The world was fragmented by options. No longer about PUSH and wait to receive, it became a PULL WORLD where we all began to decide which thing we wanted to receive and when we wanted it. To the child of today there was no difference between a computer monitor and a big screen TV- it’s was all digital and it was all there. Not only was it all there for the taking, it was theirs for the making. There was INVOLVEMENT…they and we could create and contribute. Slide 8 The Millennials, generally thought to be born after 1982 (also known as Gen Y) are born of a digital era –everything is at their fingertips. No longer satisfied with having information PUSHED on them, they want to choose, connect and create. The creation may take the form of remix or mashup! Everything old is up for remix. Discovery is everywhere – anytime-free. Slide 9 Comfortable with technology; this generation is social, globally aware and wants to collaborate. Used to the speed of change, they are innovative, and crave challenge. PUSH just won’t work with these students. They need to be involved in their learning.

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Slide 4 Then something strange happened….they had always feared the bomb way back then, but this explosion was a different type of explosion altogether. This explosion was about change and everything would be different. The change didn’t quite happen overnight but to some it felt like it did.. At first they called it the “superhighway.” almost everybody was hopping on. Suddenly newspapers were dying and television was struggling; everyone had a cell phone and the internet was king and the world was going mobile. It was a digital world! Slide 5 The world changed but when we looked inside the classroom it looked much the same. As teachers stood in front of classes with row on row of students … they tried to push the same old information in the same old ways; they wrote on their blackboards, but when they turned around not everyone was listening, and some were asleep! Slide 6 The kids had grown up digital…and they were different.

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Slide 1 Do you sleep with your cell phone? How you answer that question might tell you something about yourself! Before we talk about that though, let me take you back, back back in time… Slide 2 Once upon a time in a time far away (or at least I hope it’s far away, ) it was a PUSH, World. People sat at home in their little boxes and were comfortable in front of their new fangled television sets having information PUSH-PUSH PUSHED at them. The television was the center of the family. It provided information and entertainment. Mom and Dad and Billy and Suzy, the captive audience sat and watched. Life back then was a whole lot about PUSH, and sit and receive. Slide 3 In this world Teachers were the source of knowledge and learning. And students, who looked very much the same, all sat comfortably row on row receiving information. Life was good - Repeat, repeat, repeat and memorize and during the exam it was regurgitate fact upon fact. Everybody seemed happy, but maybe some felt a little the same or a little excluded or maybe felt they were not allowed to say anything different.

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Slide 1: 

Do you sleep with your cell phone?

Once upon a time…. : 

Once upon a time…. Life was all about PUSH

Teacher = Learning + Knowledge : 

Teacher = Learning + Knowledge PUSHING Knowledge

Then something strange happened : 

Then something strange happened

The world changed but the classroom didn’t : 

The world changed but the classroom didn’t still PUSHING Knowledge

Growing up Digital : 

Growing up Digital

Now it’s a PULL World : 

Now it’s a PULL World Involvement

Who are our students? : 

Who are our students? Today is about Pull Choose Connect Create

Who are the Millennials? : 

Who are the Millennials? Born in digital era – social – multitasking Collaborative – resourceful - innovative thinkers Love a challenge Want to produce something worthwhile Impatient Comfortable with speed and change Thrive on flexibility and space to explore Value guidance

Millennials: Open to Change : 

Millennials: Open to Change . Don’t Box me in!

Open to Change: Diversity : 

Open to Change: Diversity

Millennials: Diversity : 

Millennials: Diversity

Volunteering: Social Concern : 

Volunteering: Social Concern

Social: Collaboration : 

Social: Collaboration

Technology Use: Anytime/Anywhere : 

Technology Use: Anytime/Anywhere

Mobile 24/7 : 

Mobile 24/7 How Millennial Are You Quiz:

Resources : 

Resources Digital Nation-Life on the virtual frontier. (2010). Frontline-PBS. Retrieved from Digital Native Map Hamilton, K. (July 22, 2009). Who are the Millennials. kehamilt:YouTube. Retrieved from How Millennial Are You? (2010).   Millennials: Portrait of generation next. (2010). Pew Research. Retrieved from   Oblinger, D. (2003). Boomers, Gen X and Millennials: Understanding the new students. Educause. Retrieved from

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