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Air quality index is degrading day by day and the need to use the best room air purifier is increasing. So in order to select the best air purifier in india 2019 we have listed the best air purifier for home & best selling air purifier for home in india.


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K2 appliance is one of the top affiliated website that serve their customers’ with diverse information about home and kitchen appliances. We are provides buying guide and customer reviews on Best Air purifier under 20000.

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Air Purifier: A Healthy Habit For A Better Lifestyle

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Factors to be considered while buying an air purifier  Focus on a specific need  Suitable size  Additional features  Space  Maintenance

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Focus on Specific Need  Different people have different needs to have an air purifier. Look for your specific need and then make the right choice for your air purifier. Different specific needs are:  Allergies  Asthma  Smoke  Pets  Chemical Sensitive

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 Suitable size Out of the four different sizes available select the most suitable one. The four sizes are small size medium size Large size and the whole-house size. You should first calculate the footage of the room size before taking any decision. Additional Features  The modern air purifiers have new and innovative control panel added in the appliance. You can now connect your air purifier with your Smartphone as well. Know about Best purifiers under 20000

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Space  You should know where you have to put the air purifier. Depending on the space size go for the portable air purifiers that have wheels and handles attached to it. This provides convenience to the hold and drags it from one place to another. Maintenance  Always go for the low maintenance air purifiers as they demand frequent cleaning of filters. Even there are purifiers that are air-free sterilizers. This type of purifiers kills the germs with the help of ultraviolet light.

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Conclusion  Best air purifier should be installed in every house for better living. If you want to breath pure air then get your air purifier today itself. An air purifier will benefit you with its amazing features.

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