Tricks about domestic flights You Wish You Knew Before


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Jyotravel is counted among the best hotel booking site and online air travel booking.


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JYOTRAVEL Tricks about domestic flights You Wish You Knew Before Timing is everything Knowing a few simple tricks to help you book your domestic flights at the right time can save you 500 or more per ticket on an international flight. The best time to buy international plane tickets is 4-5 months in advance as opposed to domestic tickets which is usually 2-3 months in advance. Airlines typically lower the price for international flights around the five month mark and the prices will slowly start going up around three months before. Even then you can still find deals so dont discourage if youre planning last minute.

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From personal experience my wife I bought tickets to Italy in May three years in a row. The first year we were only able to plan a month in advance. The price: 1200 each. The second year we were able to book two months in advance at a cost of 950 each. We booked our last trip five months before and the price: 700 each. The destination the airline and the time of year were always the same. The only variation was how far in advance we were able to book. When you start planning your trip scout tickets for at least a couple of weeks and look at what days and times you find the lowest airfares. Usually the best deals are found on a Monday or Tuesday because the airlines issue their sales on Monday morning. By Tuesday afternoon all theyre all competing to have the best deals but the prices will start

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creeping back up again after that. Usually the weekend prices are the highest as airlines know this is when most people have the time to make travel reservations. Check multiple sites like Orbits and Expedia to find out which one offers the best deals for your airlines and airport and dont forget the airlines direct website or even your banks or credit card rewards booking system. Once youve determined where and when to buy your ticket check back at your target time. When you see the prices have dropped purchase After the major discount at the 4-5 month mark for international tickets or the 2-3 month for domestic flights they will not likely drop again and there will only be a limited supply. Once those tickets are gone the prices will start to rise again so dont wait. If youve done your research ahead of time youll know whats a good deal for your destination and you can buy with confidence. The other

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perk is that when you buy earlier you have a better chance of purchasing an affordable direct flight or at least one with manageable layovers. Knowing these tricks and spending a few extra minutes scouting your plane tickets can save you a lot of money which you can put towards something extra special for your trip. Jyotravel is counted among the best hotel booking site and online air travel booking.

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