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Presentation Description is your trustworthy selection for obtaining customizable bed and bath linens . Our service is prime notch and invariably exceeds expectation of our shoppers worldwide. For additional data, visit our website.


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By Adab provide a unique variety of bed bath linen products made up of 100 Virgin Egyptian Cotton entirely designed for your bedrooms. We personalize bed linen and fitted sheetstosuitindividual firstchoices. All ourproductsexuberantsecond tononeand superior luxury. Ourpillowsarestuffed and supported withultrasoftforsolaceful head support. Form and look of our headrests stays the same even after protracted pillow fights We appreciate and look of our headrests stays the same even after protracted pillow fights We appreciate thateachand everymomentof yourlifeisvaluableand needstobeenjoyed Feel thecomfort of byAdab.Ourmanufacturedgoodsareavailableatalltopof thelinehomefurnishingstores Idi W h h ll i f d Th d /S" Th d / S " across India. We have a huge collection of products 300 Threads/ Sq" ‐ 1100 Threads/ Sq" made as per selection and demand of different countries. Our bed‐linen is entirely stitched withdoubleanddurablestitchingandperfectcornersdyedandprintedwitheco‐friendlyand azo‐freedyes.Thereforecreatingourproduct“Connoisseur’sChoice“.

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Bed Linen Collection Bath Linen Collection Mrs  Select Bunny Bath Mrs. Select Bunny Bath Mrs. Eucacel Eucacel Mrs. Cherry Berry E Towel MrsA+ Mrs. All Weather Mrs. Rajputana jp Mantra Mrs. Cocagne Mrs  Whitica Mrs. Whitica Mrs. Support System

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Ourproduct‘Mrs.Select TM isaselected varietyof elegantdesignerbed linens. Marked inch b inch from one corner till the ne t from its mi ture of colors to Marked inch by inch from one corner till the next from its mixture of colors to their contrast this category gives home like feeling just by sight. It is stitched carefully which you can adore it all the while. 300 Threads/Sq" ‐ 600 y y q Threads/Sq" Wave Check Pencil Flower Joker Check Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐select.html

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Our trademark ‘Mrs. Eucacel ® ’ made purely from medicinal plant Eucalyptus. This plant is known for its Eco‐friendly natural anti‐bacterial anti‐infectious properties also saves 3‐4times waterthan usual. Even the Vitamin E in it makes it suitable for sensitive skin problems and is also adaptable to the change in climate. Thislinen needsnoextracarebutprovideseven greatercomfort 400 Threads/Sq" Thislinen needsnoextracarebutprovideseven greatercomfort. 400 Threads/Sq ‐600Threads/Sq" Ivory Swiss Green River blue Ivory Swiss Green River blue Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐eucacel.html

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Being made from super fine pure Egyptian cotton it gives a divine luxurious feel. Mrs.CherryBerryTM isacollection of jacquard and dobbyof highthreadcountas y y jq y g compared to normal cotton and even softer than silk. It will be a sleep made in heaven foryou and made comfortable and luxurious in everywaypossible foryou. It comesinvariousdesignsandcolors.300Threads/Sq"‐500Threads/Sq" Bamboo Stripe White RajputaRed Four Square p jp q Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐cherry ‐berry.html

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Mrs. A+ istheonethatisappropriatetotheonewith themood swings. Thesheen and the color it radiates just add to the flavor while the Egyptian cotton will j gyp balanceitallintheend.Thesilkandverypleasurablebedlinenservesthepurpose inrightfulmanner.300Threads/Sq" ‐400Threads/Sq" Diet Plain Red A+  Diet Plain Purple  A+  Diet Plain Ivory A+  Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐a.html

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This winter no bird Goose eider other should suffer for your warmth. The Quilts/ Pillo s made from the do n feather of geese and other birds are plucked Quilts/ Pillows made from the down feather of geese and other birds are plucked from living birds causing inhuman pain and trauma to the wonderful creation of nature. Theprocess is repeated every6‐8 weekstocollectdown feathers resulting p p y g sometimes death to the birds Besides these feathers also be infectious causing major health hazard to the people using such quilts/ pillow. So we urge you to say ‘NO’quilts/pillowsmadefromfeathers. ‘Mrs. All WeatherTM a brand of duvets or quilts comfortable and luxurious to touch Available in range of 150 GSM conditional summers to 350 GSMextreme touch. Available in range of 150 GSM conditional summers to 350 GSMextreme winters manufactured in every natural way by famous artisans with unique multi layer technology and sustaining longevity. The quilts are very delicate and agreeableinallsense.

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NakasiLeaf Duvet  Farm Flower Duvet  Pencil Flower Duvet  Filler Filler Filler Duvet Filler Ivory Duvet Filler Pink Duvet Filler Purple Duvet Filler Ivory Duvet Filler Pink Duvet Filler Purple Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/all ‐weather.html

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World class fabrics given shape in a cottage industry makes it the best combo of ancientartmoderntechnologymakesitclosertonaturethanever.Thebedlinen gy iscomfortableinitsownsenseand makesyouwonderof theold times. Bed linen madewithnaturalandenvironmentfriendlyprocesses. Quilt JaipurNakashi Quilt JaipurLeaf Jall Quilt JaipurNakashi Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐rajputana.html

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Thesoftand warmcolorsarejustaperfectcombinationforapeaceful day. ByAdab presents one such category of bed linen which fit to the ambience of restful presents one such category of bed linen which fit to the ambience of restful solitude. Superfinecottonisluxuriousandyouwouldjustwanttosnuginthelinen for a bit more than required. It speaks of spiritualism from its every corner. An exclusivelimitededitioncollectionin650Threads/Sq" Bird Print Blue Sunflower Pink Leaf Print Green Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mantra.html

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Mrs. Cocagne TM denier mot in bed linen for connoisseurs who value class and comfort with style. Superior must Egyptian cotton woven par excellence on y p gyp p sophisticated looms crafted toitsbestbythemostexperienced with all stops pulled out to deliver the perfect fusion of luxury comfort elegance. 850 Threads/ Sq" ‐ 1100Threads/Sq" 850 TPI White 850 TPI Pink 850 TPI Beige Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐cocagne.html

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Whiteisthecolorof dove.Itisthesymbolforpeaceandserenity.‘Mrs.Whitica’has an exclusive range and shades of white with extra large size and luxurious sheen It an exclusive range and shades of white with extra large size and luxurious sheen. It creates a peaceful environment and just adapts and take in all the form of moods withwhichwelayuponit.300Threads/Sq" ‐1100Threads/Sq" 550 TPI White White Stripe Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐whitica.html p

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As the name suggests ‘Mrs. Support SystemTM’ has been finely engineered after a proof research and also cruelty free. It has a unique 7 layer technology making it p y q y gy g crumble resistant when pressure is applied to it odour free moulds itself perfectly to all body contours retains original shape to prolong durability. A perfect support systemrequiredforyourmindbodysoyoucansleepthesleepof theblessed. White Pillow Read More ‐brands/bed ‐linen/mrs ‐support ‐system.html White Pillow

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Our ‘Bunny Bath TM’ towels are used worldwide by the elite made of 100 virgin cotton with Perfect Zero Twist Technologymaking it ultra absorbent the most gy g comfortable luxurioustowel foraperfect healthybath. BunnyBath meansatowel assoftasbunny ecofriendlyfreeof anyharmfulchemicals resultsinutmostnatural feeling."NobathiscompletewithoutBunnyBath"Availableinfascinatingcolors. Bunny Bath Beige Bunny Bath White Bunny Bath Red Read More ‐brands/bath ‐linen/bunny ‐bath.html

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By Adab has given all togetheranew shape to medicinal plant eucalyptus in form ultra luxurious natural towels which are made of 35 eucalyptus and 65 cotton trademarked as Mrs Eucacel® The nature has blessed Eucalyptus with some trademarked as Mrs. Eucacel . The nature has blessed Eucalyptus with some phenomenal properties which man has been taking advantage since ages. which nowhasbeenaddedtoallourMrs.Eucacel®collectionmakingtheproductsEco‐ Friendly anti‐allergic anti‐bacterial anti‐infectious bio‐degradable Vitamin E enriched makes it suitable for sensitive skin other skin problems. An ultimate l f hf luxuryfromtheforests EucacelTop Grey EucacelSage EucacelBlue Read More ‐brands/bath ‐linen/eucacel.html EucacelTop Grey g

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An exclusive range of 100 cotton towels starting from 400 GSM ultra soft super absorbentandlastsmanywashesavailableinexoticcolors. E‐Towel Aqua Blue E‐Towel Green E‐Towel  Pink E Towel Aqua Blue E‐Towel Orange E‐Towel Ivory E‐Towel  Blue Read More ‐brands/bath ‐linen/e ‐towel.html E Towel Orange E Towel Ivory E Towel  Blue

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