SPICE स्पाइस ( मसालें )

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Names of spice and its use- names in Hindi too.


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SPICE स्पाइस ( मसालें ):

SPICE स्पाइस ( मसालें ) द्वारा- ज्योति सिंह By- Jyothi S ingh

Cardamom इलाइची :

Cardamom इलाइची Cover-Green Seeds- Black Scented Remedy for relieving gas, combating bad breath, nausea,headaches , piles and eye irritation.

Cinnamon :

Cinnamon दालचिनी Scented Colour - Brown Taste- sweetish Big trees Cures common digestive disorders Reduces Blood Sugar Reduce Cholestrol Relieves arthritic pain

Cloves लौंग :

Cloves लौंग Scented Beneficial during fever Cough and cold Home Remedy for toothache and sore gums Colour -dark brown plants

Black pepper गोलमिर्च :

Black pepper गोलमिर्च Taste- HOT Colour - BLACK Good for throat infections Rejuvenates Liver and builds up appetite courtsey

Bay leaves तेज पत्ता:

Bay leaves तेज पत्ता Scented Add flavor to food Good for Cough and cold Anti infection Color- green fresh leaves Dried- brown leaves Big trees


FENUGREEK मैथी Taste- BITTER Colour - Yellow Small plants Fenugreek treats diabetes Adding into coconut oil smoothens Hair, brings relief to gout, reduces liver Problems , Adds flavor to food.

Coriander धनिया :

Coriander धनिया Shape- round Taste- slightly hot Texture- Fibrous Color- Brown when dried, Green when fresh Plants- Small Can eat both seeds and Leaves Helps Digestion and insominia Scented

Cumin जीरा :

Cumin जीरा Color- dark brown Shape- small sharp points Taste- Hot spicy A cooling agent with digestive and Antiseptic Properties. Treats stomach ache

Asafetida हींग :

Asafetida हींग Scented Light coloured powder, dark sticky balls Cures stomach ailments Controls diarrhoea Improves digestion Cures tooth ache and joint pains

Sesame Seeds तिल :

Sesame Seeds तिल Color- Skin- Black, Seed- White Scented when roasted Shape- Drop Shape Plants –Like Sunflower Good for waist strength Cures stomach ailments Fibrous Strengthens Hair

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