J-The Woman Who Wrote the Bible

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Preview of forthcoming historical novel - available July 2010


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She was the daughter of the King A prophet and seer A woman of beauty and wisdom

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She defied the Law to learn the sacred mystery of writing She learned how to kill a man with a single word She saw the past and the future in fire and water

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And she wrote the Bible

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“A fascinating debut … richly imagined … vivid and complex … an engrossing story with a strong-minded, strong-hearted heroine ...” -- India Edghill, author of Queenmaker and Wisdom’s Daughter

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Available July 2010 Online and in Bookstores O-Books J—The Woman Who Wrote the Bible by Mary F. Burns

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Book Trailer created by Mary F. Burns Music: “Forlorn Cottage” composed by Tillman Sillescu, BMI Music licensed through www.freeplaymusic.com Please visit www.jthewomanwhowrotethebible.com

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