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The Great Earthquake of 1475 changes everything in Lisbon, including the life of a Master Tile Artist known only as "PMP". Historical Fiction by Stephanie Renee dos Santos


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Quem nunca vie Lisboa… He who has not seen Lisbon … h as seen nothing. não viu coisa boa.

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1755 – Lisbon, Portugal – and slaves fishermen and sailors masters musicians a city of…

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And artists …who create the tiles that present the city to herself.

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The Crown, the Church and the Wealthy employ the Master Tile Artist known as P M P Who uses the proceeds to try and free slaves … until …

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The city is shaken, torn apart, engulfed… …devastated by earthquake, water and fire … many are killed … and left homeless.

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When those you love are lost forever, how do you carry on? When work and home are destroyed, how do you start over from nothing? When Faith crumbles, Love and Art bring Hope out of the very Earth itself.

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Cut from the Earth A Novel of Portuguese Tile & The Great Lisbon Earthquake of 1755 by Stephanie Renée dos Santos Coming Soon!

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