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Highlights of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts exhibit of Singer Sargent's watercolors, accompanied by a Chopin Nocturne; also includes other MFA oil paintings by Sargent, as photographed by Mary F. Burns, author of the historical novel, Portraits of an Artist: A Novel about John Singer Sargent. November 12, 2013


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by John Singer Sargent W a t e r c o l o r s

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Photographs of art works by mary f. burns Taken at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Sargent Watercolors Exhibit 12 November 2013

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Also of interest from Sargent at the Boston MFA … Edward Darley Boit Isa Boit

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The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit

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If you want to read an historical novel about John Singer Sargent… Find out more at www.portraitsofanartist.blogspot.com “An evocative rendering of the great portraitist…as seen through the eyes of the subjects of his most famous paintings. A tour de force of historical and psychological imagination.” --Paula Marantz Cohen, What Alice Knew “Set in the Europe of 1882, the writing is richly subtle and each character exquisitely drawn.” --Stephanie Cowell, Claude & Camille, Marrying Mozart “You’ll likely never look at Sargent’s glorious portraits in the same way again, because Burns has given us a new way of appreciating their genius.” --Lev Raphael, Rosedale in Love From The Sand Hill Review Press

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