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Bell Ringer #76 Objective Be able to percent problems with equations

Lesson 58 • Solving Percent Problems with Equations : 

Lesson 58 • Solving Percent Problems with Equations

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Lesson 58: Percent Word Problems Recall: For percent word problems this proportion often works better

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Example: Jane and Faye have 32 bagatelles left. If they began with 160 bagatelles, what percent of the original number remains?

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Example: Caesar’s legion had an inventory of 2400 pairs of sandals. If they normally wear out 30 percent of their supply by the end of the fiscal year, how many pairs of sandals remain at then end of the fiscal year?

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Example: Christopher and Chad collected 40 items. When they added Cathy’s items, their total increased by 150%. What was their new total after Cathy’s items were added?

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