A Picture Book of Magnets


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By: dcrossette (123 month(s) ago)

Could you please get a copy of this powerpoint to use with my 4th grade class? We are getting ready for the science assesment in a couple weeks and there is a section on magnets. My email address is dcrossette@usd259.net

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A Picture Book of Magnets : 

A Picture Book of Magnets Written and Illustrated by Baxter/Gacioch BeeGees 2010

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Magnets pull things toward them without even touching . What do you want to learn about magnets? Jared

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Magnets have different shapes. Here is a ring magnet, a horseshoe magnet, a bar magnet, and a wand magnet. Alec

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Magnets attract objects that have iron in them. A magnet will attract a nail, a paperclip, and another magnet. Samantha

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Magnets do not attract to objects that do not have iron in them. A spoon, straw, and crayon do not attract. Adam

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Did you know that lodestone is a rock that is magnetic? Lodestone makes a paperclip stick to it. Caleb

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A magnet’s opposite poles attract. North and south are their names. Alayna

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If north and north are together they will repel. If south and south are together they will repel too. Mike

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Magnets are strongest at their poles and not very strong in the middle. You can make paper clip chains at the north and south poles but not in the middle. Aidan

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A magnet attracts more iron filings around its poles. Sarah

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A magnet can go through a solid. When you put a magnet under the maze the game piece can move. Hannah

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A magnet can go through liquids. A magnet can go through water to pick up the paper clip. Madison

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There is magnetism through gases. A paperclip will stick to a magnet through a balloon that is blown up. Allan

Slide 14: 

The earth is a giant magnet. The magnetic field is strongest at its poles. Abby

Slide 15: 

A temporary magnet can be made with a spoon. The spoon can be scraped with a magnet. The spoon becomes a temporary magnet. Ali

Slide 16: 

This magnet can hold this paper. This magnet cannot hold this book. Magnetic force can hold thin things and cannot hold thick things. Sydney

Slide 17: 

Magnets are used in daily life. Refrigerator magnets hold up papers. Cupboard doors have magnets to keep them closed. Jessica

Slide 18: 

Magnets are all around you. This magnet is on the hallway door. Go find a magnet in your house or in your classroom. Brandon

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This is how we wrote our book: We read lots of books about magnets in guided reading groups during ELA time. We talked about voice and looked at the photos. Everybody said one idea about magnets and we made a list. Each person wrote their idea into a sentence on draft paper. We revised and edited our sentences. Mrs. Gacioch helped with our writing. An idea sketch was drawn for each photograph. Each person set up their photograph by themselves. Mrs. Baxter took the pictures with a digital camera. We went on the computer and typed our text on a Power Point slide. Mrs. Waddington showed us how to get on Power Point and how to save our work. Last we inserted our photograph into our text slide. It was work but it was fun work. We love magnets and we love science!

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