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Jordan directed American single-camera comedy-drama, “You’re the Worst,” a television series created by Stephen Falk which is now a hit original series on FX Networks and recently aired its final season. His work showed passion and encouraged many young professionals who hope to reach the heights Jordan has achieved.


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Jordan Vogt Roberts:

Jordan Vogt Roberts

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Jordan Vogt Roberts is one of the best film directors who started his career as a screenwriter, cinematographer, producer, film editors, or actors in the film industry. Jordan Vogt uses different approaches and his skill while making the film.

A Dedicated and Hardworking Director:

A Dedicated and Hardworking Director Jordan has discussed in many interviews his discussion regarding the making of this film with Hideo Kojima, the creator of the series and his passion for the video games. Vogt-Roberts has directed episodes for many television series, including the episodes for Funny or Die Presents, Death Valley, Mash Up, and you’re the Worst . Jordan Vogt Roberts Screenwriter writes the film's script and also comes up with the film's concept or story, although often to write a script based on the producer or director's concept or story.

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Jordan Vogt-Roberts- A Self-Made Youth Icon for Aspiring Filmmakers Jordan Vogt-Roberts   shows his versatility by creating web and commercial content. He directed some of the award-winning projects for Ridley Scott’s RSA productions that have fetched millions of views. He directed a commercial for Swift K, and Audi starring Clarie Danes.  Hailing from ashes of Detroit, this multi-talented man has a compassionate side as well. He raised $1 million for charity by working on a campaign for PSA with Arnold Schwarzenegger fetching more than 10 million views in just one day . He has earned his reputation himself without any godfather in the Hollywood industry with his incredible and extraordinary work.

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Television Series Directed By- Jordan Vogt Roberts

The World of Entertainment with Jordan Vogt-Roberts :

The World of Entertainment with Jordan Vogt-Roberts


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