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Operations and Team:

Operations and Team Team JJAR

Critical Core Processes:

Critical Core Processes Research and Development will be one of the main core processes of SmartAlarm . It will help protect the technology basis of the Alarm Installation of the SmartAlarm will also be a core process, which will help us insure that installation is done properly for the alarm to operate correctly. Product Testing will insure the reliability of the product.

Value Network:

Value Network Our Value Network Customer Support Stakeholders Innovation Order Processing External Value Network Suppliers Marketing

Positions and Strengths of SmartAlarm Team:

Positions and Strengths of SmartAlarm Team Current Positions Ownership of SmartAlarm will be split evenly to members of Team JJAR. Strengths Engineering background University Business level courses Access to Startup Mentors/ SkySong

Immediate and Future Management:

Immediate and Future Management Immediately, SmartAlarm will be managed by the founders Each Founder will be responsible for a subdivision of SmartAlarm . This will consist of Supplies, Marketing, Finances, etc. In future management, Experts in these fields will be brought in to help increase the overall management of SmartAlarm .

Advisory Board Members:

Advisory Board Members Currently, there will be no Advisory Board due to not enough members in Team JJAR. However, the future Advisory Board will consist of: Keith Baird – Senior Sales Director for Honeywell’s Security Products Suze Orman – Financial Advisor Dave Ulrich – Human Resources Fredd Bartlit , Jr. – Corporate Lawyer

Board of Directors Members:

Board of Directors Members The current Board of Directors will consist of members of Team JJAR. Future Board of Directors would consist of: John B. Koch - President of ADT . Peter Michel - Former CEO of Brinks Home Security. Frank Blake - CEO of Home Depot Kevin Mitnick - Mitnick Security Consulting Chris E. McGoey - Crime "Doctor" Consultant

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