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Justin Krashefski practices a fitness routine all year round. His daily exercise plan keeps him fit and healthy. Krashefski knows that part of the formula is indeed exercise, but the other part is diet. He implements a variety of activities in his round, such as weight lifting, running, swimming and more.


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Justin Krashefski: Treating Athletes Justin Krashefski is a fulltime student at Florida Atlantic University where he is pursuing a career in sports medicine. Justin Krashefski is working toward a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and he hopes to one day deliver professional treatment to talented athletes. Justin Krashefski believes he can provide valued and skilled advice and treatment to athletes looking to recover from a variety of sports- related injuries and maladies.

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Sports medicine requires a solid knowledge of the human body. As Justin Krashefski is learning sports medicine is not a single career but instead a widely varied group of professionals all concerned with the health and well being of the athlete. A sports medicine specialist is not necessarily a physician. Sports medicine practitioners include specialty physicians and surgeons athletic trainers physical therapists coaches other personnel and of course the athlete. There are bachelors masters and certificate programs in the sports medicine discipline.

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Justin Krashefski is studying tirelessly to develop his knowledge so that he may soon become a part of this highly-respected field. Being able to quickly diagnose and treat sports injuries is essential to an athlete’s ability to remain competitive and healthy. Justin Krashefski wants to develop a strong sports medicine aptitude so that he reaches a high level of success.

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The field of Professional Sports Medicine is highly competitive. Many hope to break into professional sports medicine in order to help amateur and professional athletes receive the treatment they need to continue performing to the best of their abilities.

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http://about.me/justinkrashefski https://disqus.com/by/JustinKrashefski http://justinkrashefski.wordpress.com

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