Laser marking system

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Here, you can get all info about Laser marking System, configuration, benifits and types of laser marking sytem ...


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Laser marking system:

Laser marking system

Laser marking system…:

Laser marking is achieved when focused light from a laser interacts with a material to produce a high quality permanent mark. Laser marking is a non-contact process. It has no consumables, making it clean and energy-efficient. Patterns that are marked by lasers are exact representations of computer-designed graphics. Laser marking system…


Configuration… Configuration of Laser Marking System is given below: Wavelength: 1064nm System Power: < 400 watts Power Requirements:95 to 250 VAC Maximum Supply Voltage: 264 VAC Operational Temperature: 18° to 35°C Expected Diode Lifetime: > 200,000 hours

Benefits of laser marking…:

Benefits of laser marking… Reliable, long, maintenance-free performance Air cooling Excellent mark quality Non-contact process High speed Permanent marks Easy integration No post processing Wide range of markable materials Highly flexible mark: text, graphics, data codes

Types of Laser Marking System…:

Types of Laser Marking System… There are four types of laser marking system are: CO2 Laser Marking System Diode Laser Marking System YAG Lamp Laser Marking System Fiber Laser Marking System

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substrates… Here’s a list of typical substrates which can be marked using laser Marking System: Metal Ceramics Films &Foils Glass Organic Materials Plastic



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