Fiber Laser Marking System

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Here, you can get all info about Fiber Laser marking System and see the video for how it works...


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Fiber Laser Marking System :

Fiber Laser Marking System

Fiber Laser Marking System… :

Fiber Laser Marking System… Fiber laser systems are capable of processing a very wide range of application types and materials effectively. Fiber laser is for marking applications, but it also excels at cutting various materials at higher power levels. Fiber lasers come in a variety of different wavelengths and power levels.

Product specifications…:

Product specifications… Price: £8000-12000/Set Wavelength: 1,064nm IR Laser Source: Fiber-Pumped Diodes Mode of Operation: Pulsed Air-Cooled (100W Water Cooled) Standard Integrated Safety Shutter Red Alignment Laser Wavelength: 660nm Standard Integrated Red Alignment Laser High-Speed Digital Galvanometer Scanners

Electrical Requirement…:

Electrical Requirement… Standard Voltage: 115 VAC (50/60Hz) Optional Voltage: 230 VAC (50/60Hz) Control Unit: 12.5”(H) x 21”(W) x 26”(D) Laser Head: 6”(H) x 6.5”(W) x 8.5”(D) Flexible Umbilical Length: 8' Standard, 15' Optional

advantages… :

advantages… Fully integrated design Eliminates the need for periodic optics Eliminates the need for periodic inspection of the optical surfaces Eliminates the possibility of damage lower utility cost. zero-maintenance, highly reliable laser source. the fiber laser is significantly longer than the YAG laser for an overall lower cost of operation.


Features… Compact High Precision High Speed Easily Operating High Reliability Energy Saving Low Running Cost



Video Clip…:

Video Clip… For more details see this video in that display how work Fiber laser marking system …

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