procedures to treat varicose & spider veins

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Learn the non-surgical and natural ways to get rid of vein conditions


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What Procedures are Performed at a Vein Clinic? : 

What Procedures are Performed at a Vein Clinic?

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If you are experiencing varicose veins, you may be encouraged to explore particular treatments, while those with spider veins may be encouraged to look into other treatments. To determine which are right for you a consultation with a specialist is likely a worthwhile endeavor.

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Sclerotherapy is one of the more commonly used treatments at vein clinics around the country. Through sclerotherapy, patients have successfully overcome spider veins and small varicose veins.

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Sclerotherapy treatment involves the injection of a chemical sclerant that irritates the vessel lining, causing the vein to shrink and collapse so that blood may no longer flow through it. This will cause them to fade away so they are no longer noticeable.

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Laser and light therapy is another procedure that may be found at facilities specializing in the treatment of venous conditions. Large varicose veins may be treated using endovenous laser ablation in which a laser fiber is inserted into a problem vein and is used to deliver laser energy to the vein to close it.

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With varicose veins, blood becomes pooled in the legs.  Compression stockings work by 'milking' blood back up the leg towards the heart. There are various styles of compression stockings available and modern designs have made wearing them in public less of a concern.

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Instead of constantly looking for treatment all the time patients are recommended to look at prevention methods as well.  For example, people who are obese or inactive are more prone to get to spider and varicose veins. Quite possibly a healthy diet, more active lifestyle or a Lap band procedure will help you lose the weight as well as the vein condition.

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When you're choosing a vein clinic, choose one that offers more than one treatment. This way, depending on your diagnosis, the specialist has several treatments from which to choose to recommend to you. Also be sure to ask questions about the procedure that you're interested in choosing as treatment so that you understand it in detail before treatment is begun. It may also be helpful to inquire about other treatments that may not be available at the clinic.

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