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Junk removal Orange County, Hauling Service Orange County, Trash Removal Orange County. Wherever your junk removal & hauling is needed, call 877-591-JUNK (5865).


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About Us Jason is from Newport Beach, California. Jason has been a Newport Beach lifeguard for the last fifteen years and was always interested in keeping the ocean clean and came up with the idea to start a premier junk removal service in Orange County to keep the environment cleaner Junk Monster always attempts to recycle or donate your unwanted items, in attempt to reduce our carbon footprint and to give back to our community.  The main objective was to recycle over 60% of the materials Junk Monster picks up. Junk Monster was created to reach this objective

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Junk Monster charges by volume, not by the time it takes us to remove your junk. There are no hidden costs, after we give you an estimated price that is the price you pay. Junk Monster has one of the largest dumping beds in the business and the cheapest prices to go along with it. Heavy construction material (e.g. tile, concrete, dirt, brick, etc...) is more costly to dispose of and legally can only be loaded one foot in depth to cover the bed of the truck. To get an idea of how much junk you have, please drag your mouse over the volume of junk below.

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Contact Us Address: 2005 Ritchey Street S Santa Ana, CA 92705 Hours: 8am-5pm Monday- Saturday, Closed-Sunday.

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Thank You For Visiting Provding quality service at a great price are two of the principals that we founded this company on, and are determined to provide our clients. To find out more about our services and to obtain a free quote, please fill in the information below, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. You can also phone us, toll-free, at 877-591-JUNK (5865)

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