Juniper & Pine Organics Offers 3 Natural Skincare Products

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Papaya Fuse Cleansing Oil from Juniper & Pine Organics effortlessly removes makeup and gently cleanses skin. This luxurious cleansing oil contains papaya seed oil and papain to exfoliate and help brighten your skin. It’s a hydrating botanical oil blend that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soft and won’t strip or dry out your skin. Papaya Fuse Cleansing Oil is made for all skin types.


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Juniper Pine Organics Offers 3 Natural Skincare Products

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Juniper Pine Organics Offers 3 Natural Skincare Products With just a few simple but effective natural skincare products you can embrace your natural glow. Juniper Pine Organics brings you three clean effective products made with plant-based ingredients. Enjoy the following radiance-enhancing products including a cleansing oil natural face mask and facial serum Coming soon. Papaya Fuse Cleansing Oil This luxurious natural cleansing oil from Juniper Pine Organics is the perfect everyday cleanser and makeup remover. Its lightweight gentle formula is made with a hydrating botanical blend that leaves the skin purified balanced soft and supple. The Papaya Fuse Cleansing Oil works for all skin types and contains the following skin-loving main ingredients:  Papaya Seed Oil: A vitamin-rich oil ACE with essential fatty acids that offers anti- inflammatory scar-reducing and skin-brightening properties.

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 Papain: An active enzyme from the papaya fruit that has exfoliating properties to help dissolve dead skin cells and promote cell renewal and skin softness.  Sunflower Seed Oil: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins that act as antioxidants to address skincare issues like inflammation acne redness and irritation.  Pumpkin Seed Oil: Rich in vitamins A C E and K plus essential fatty acids to promote a more youthful complexion by improving skin tone and encouraging skin renewal. How to use: Use 2-3 pumps of Papaya Fuse Cleansing Oil on dry skin and gently massage in circular motions. Enjoy the natural tropical aromas and feel good in your balanced and rejuvenated skin. Rose Veil Face Mask This natural face mask from Juniper Pine Organics comes in a powder that you mix with a tiny bit of water to create a paste. It gently exfoliates and detoxes your skin to help it stay balanced clear and healthy. Here are the main skin-beneficial ingredients in Juniper Pine Organics’ Rose Veil Face Mask:  Rosehip Powder: Packed with vitamin C a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin against environmental aggressors. Rosehip also refreshes the skin and reduces the appearance of inflammation.  Kaolin Clay: Absorbs excess oils and impurities and detoxifies and tones the skin by helping to restore mineral balance.  Chamomile Flower Powder: Chamomile’s soothing properties are excellent for sensitive skin. Get a complexion boost with the powers of chamomile.  Rice Powder: Oil-absorption properties are excellent for oily- or acne-prone skin types. How to use: In a Juniper Pine Organics’ Face Mask Mixing Bowl mix a teaspoon of powder with a pinch of water to create a paste. Apply to your face and relax for at least 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and enjoy the benefits of a smooth healthy-looking complexion. Aloe Elixir Facial Serum —Coming Soon Your skin will soak up Juniper Pine’s hydrating face serum formulated with vitamin C and aloe vera serum. Over time you should notice an improvement in fine lines tone hydration

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and brightness. The Aloe Elixir Facial Serum will be an excellent skincare addition for all skin types. Learn more about Juniper Pine Organics and browse their products at Original Source:

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