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Microbiologics LYFO DISK™ for QC applications and culture purposes. Pellet contains single strain of microorganism and is easy to use. Enquire now.


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LYFO DISK June Enterprises

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As a part of Good Manufacturing Practices Quality Assurance plays a very important role in assuring the quality of the products that are manufactured in the manufacturing facility.

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Basic Information Microbiologics is the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of Quality Assurance products for pharmaceutical industry that deals with industry-leading quality system certified by ISO 13485 ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 standards. The wide array of quality assurance products by Microbiologics ranges from LYFO DISK and KWIK STIK to Epower CRM to EZ Accushot for quantitative and qualitative lyophilized culture and Sterikits and steriswabs for hygiene control and analysis. These products save both time and money with traceability to reference cultures that ensures authenticity.

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Microbiologics range of Quality Assurance products help reduce the risk of contamination. They can be used in sterile manufacturing units as they possess the efficacy and are quick result-oriented products suitable for pharmaceutical Cleanroom setting. For all your pharmaceutical manufacturing dilemmas regarding product quality get our assistance at the earliest.

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