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It include all types of cams and follower and there explanation.


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CAM AND FOLLOWER Contained Concept of cam Actual working cam and follower Types of cam and follower Examples

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Cam and Follower Cam Follower The cam and follower is a device which can convert rotary motion (circular motion) into linear motion (movement in a straight line). Followers (valves) Cams


Cam and Follower The cam can have various shapes. These are know as cam profiles. Pear (Radial) Heart Circular Drop Cam follower


Types of cams OD or plate cam Body of cam is usually shaped like a disk with the cam contour developed along its surface Drum or cylinder cam Cam track is normally machined around the circumference of the drum Contour Meteorological Hikari


Types of cams Conjugate cam Multiple cams joined together Face cam Cam track is cut into the face of the disk Ih Ching Hikari


Types of cams Index cam Similar to drum cam except that follower motion passes in an arc over the cam itself Commercial


Cam and Follower The 'bumps' on a cam are called lobes . The square cam illustrated has four lobes, and lifts the follower four times each revolution. Advantages :- Easily convert rotary motion to reciprocating motion. It obtain variation in motion. It available diff. Size & shapes. Disadvantages:- It only convert rotary motion to reciprocating motion. It required frequently maintenance. Square cam Follower Examples of other rotary cam profiles.

Cam and Follower:

Cam and Follower Examples of a Rotary cams in operation.(Application) Control the movement of the engine valves. Cams used in a pump.

Cam and Follower:

Cam and Follower The linear cam moves backwards and forwards in a reciprocating motion. Linear cam Distance moved by the follower Cam Follower

Types of cams:

Cam and Follower Cams can also be cylindrical in shape Below a cylindrical cam and roller follower . The cam follower does not have to move up and down - it can be an oscillating lever as shown above.   Cam rise and Fall Max Lift Min Lift

Types of cams:

Cam and Follower A follower is a component which is designed to move up and down as it follows the edge of the cam. Knife edge Follower Flat foot follower Off set follower Roller follower cam Follower

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