Julie Tishkoff - An Advocate of Human Rights Around the World

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A strong advocate on the rights of animals, Julie Tishkoff uses her voice for more than her pet friends. Tishkoff shows her passion when advocating for human rights. Having a heart of gold, Tishkoff expresses her concern about oppressed people living all over the world. Regularly, Julie Tishkoff will meet with other volunteers to contribute with human rights organizations. One of the organizations that she contributes to is Amnesty International. Julie Tishkoff hopes that her contributions will make an impact on as many people as possible


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Julie Tishkoff An Advocate of Human Rights Around the World


Julie Tishkoff A Voice for Animals When Julie Tishkoff is passionate about something, she is not shy to show it. One of the areas that she is passionate about is poaching advocacy. Strongly opposed to illegal poaching, Julie Tishkoff is strongly against poaching for ivory. Elephants are often killed specifically for their tusks in order for consumers to enjoy a natural part of the animal as a piece of jewelry. Julie Tishkoff works with a variety of organizations and hosts events at various venues in order to raise awareness about the effect that poaching has on the elephant population around the globe.


Julie Tishkoff Exploring Mother Nature Julie Tishkoff is a major advocate of human rights around the world and speaks up against illegal poaching of animals. Through he advocacy, she hopes that she can make a difference and that one day, there would be human rights around the world and animals will no longer be poached for their natural parts. Since making a difference in the world can be overwhelming at the time, Julie Tishkoff ensures to take time for herself away from everything. She enjoys exploring Mother Nature through hiking trails. Living in the Bay Area of California, Julie Tishkoff goes to the local Sutro Baths and Cliff House to escape stress for a few days.


Julie Tishkoff A Contributing Member of the Community The people that know Julie Tishkoff best know that she loves to make a difference. Though she wants to change the world better for everyone that lives on earth, including the animals, Julie Tishkoff also knows that her community is a great place to make a difference as well. That is why each and ever week on Friday afternoons, Tishkoff reads at local schools. Believing that children are the future, she reads to the children to help stimulate their young minds in order to encourage them to dream big and to want to make a difference in the world.


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