Julie Tishkoff_ Human Rights Issues

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Julie Tishkoff Human Rights Issues:

Julie Tishkoff Human Rights Issues Julie Tishkoff is a human rights activist who shares her concerns about the rights of oppressed populations. She sees things happening all over the world, and wishes that there was a say that she could single-handedly solve them all.

Julie Tishkoff Reading Volunteer:

Julie Tishkoff Reading Volunteer Julie Tishkoff believes in giving back to the community in many ways; and that includes being a voluntary influence on the value that children put on education. She volunteers her free time to go read to local schools, and help stimulate the minds and imaginations of young children in order to help fuel a brighter future.

Julie Tishkoff Customer Service:

Julie Tishkoff Customer Service Julie Tishkoff is a customer service expert who knows the right ways to make a customer feel valued while also providing effective answers or solutions for them. She knows how to go that extra mile and ask about the needs of the customer so that she can better serve them. She has worked din both entry-level customer service scenarios as well as high-levels ones.

Julie Tishkoff Animal Shelters:

Julie Tishkoff Animal Shelters Julie Tishkoff regularly volunteers at animal shelters to help walk, feed and provide basic necessities for the welfare of abused, neglected or homeless animals. She is a caring individual who genuinely enjoys the company of cats, dogs and other pets. She enjoys the feeling of knowing that she is making a difference in lives every day with her volunteer efforts.



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