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The Recycling of Electronic Goods:

The Recycling of Electronic Goods

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More than 1000 Million pounds of electronics material are recycled each year .A range of Recycle electronic can be recycled, Included cell phone, Television , Audio and video players and other computer equipment .Computer and other electronics components are the largest in the field of electronics recycling field .

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Electronics recycling is an environmentally friendly because The re- use of electronics goods limits the pollutions produced to make or reproduce the new product and also reduce the need for the metals used in electronics .Computer and their components are the world’s biggest category in the recycling field ,approximately 60 percent by weight of all electronic recycled goods. Most of the recycled parts are used as a bulk.

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In every country the municipalities have electronic recycling collections services for their country .The private electronics recycling industry is dominated by group of large companies .when recyclers process for electronic material , they separate each devices from each other into individual element, for some piece that can be re used in the end.

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The reason why we used Recycle electronics is because recycling recovers Materials from old electronics that can be very useful for making new products. As a result we can save energy, Reduce pollution and other resources by extracting fewer raw materials from the earth.

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