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Athlete drug and alcohol prevention presentation


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As a parent of an athlete, you know there’s a lot of pressure on your child on and off the field, court, pool, or trail …. ….this pressure, for some athletes, is the reason why some turn to alcohol and drug use.

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Many experts contribute athlete substance use to their competitive spirit, team social pressures, stress and pressure to perform athletically and academically as a way of coping.

There are many reasons why student-athletes choose NOT to drink alcohol or use drugs. :

Among those reasons are: The positive influence of their coaches and teammates, the possible negative effects on athletic performance, and the possibilities of penalties/sanctions if they're caught, AND The values taught by their parents. There are many reasons why student-athletes choose NOT to drink alcohol or use drugs.

Playbook for Parents:

Playbook for Parents A recent study shows that children whose parents are involved in their lives — hold regular conversations, attend after-school events, and listen to their problems — are less likely to drink or smoke.

Playbook for Parents:

Playbook for Parents In the home, take these steps: Encourage your kids to talk with you about their problems and concerns. Get to know your children's friends and discuss ways your children can avoid drinking when they are feeling pressured by peers. Talk to other parents about ways to send a consistent, clear message that underage drinking is not acceptable behavior or a "rite of passage." Learn the warning signs that indicate your children may be drinking and act promptly to get help. Make sure you're at home for all your children's parties and be sure those parties are alcohol free.

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What’s Your Game Plan?

What are You Defending?:

What are You Defending? Binge drinking now begins as early as elementary school and parents are often unaware of their child’s use of alcohol

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In fact, a national survey found 31 percent of kids who said they had been drunk in the past year had parents who believed their children to be non-drinkers What are You Up Against?

What is Your Athlete Up Against?:

What is Your Athlete Up Against? Although drinking alcohol is illegal for adolescents, there are adults who view it as innocent, “every kid tries it” behavior. Some adults even provide the alcohol. Because growing bodies are so sensitive to the effects of alcohol, youth are at a much greater risk than adults for emotional and physical harm. Discuss these reasons with your athlete!

How Alcohol Affects Athletes:

How Alcohol Affects Athletes Reaction time can be affected even twelve hours after alcohol consumption Players who drink are twice as likely to become injured Alcohol compromises an athletes already vulnerable immune system The associated residual effect of the alcohol hangover has been shown to reduce athletic performance by 11.4% %

Setting Up the Offense:

Setting Up the Offense When it comes to dangerous substances like alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, don’t assume that your student-athlete knows where you stand! They want you to talk to them. State your position clearly; if you are ambiguous, they may be more tempted to use. Tell your student-athlete that you do not want them to use alcohol as well as tobacco and other drugs. Share with them how young people are at greater risk using alcohol than adults.

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The issue isn’t about your past. It’s about your children’s future. What’s important now is that your kids understand that you don’t want them to use drugs. Answering the Question “Did YOU Drink or Do Drugs?”

Answering the Question “Did YOU Drink or Do Drugs?”:

Answering the Question “Did YOU Drink or Do Drugs?” This discussion provides a great opportunity to speak openly about what tempted you to drink or do drugs, why they are dangerous, and why you want your kids to avoid making the same mistakes.

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“Always tell them that they are doing great. Always try to be positive in any way you can, and uplift your child.” – Torii Hunter, Former Minnesota Twin

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“Be involved in their life, take action in their life, be supportive of what they are doing. Know what they are doing, know where they are, know who their with.” – Jamie Moyer, Philadelphia Phillies

The Four W’s for Parents:

The Four W’s for Parents Know WHO they are hanging out with Know WHAT they’re doing Know WHERE they are Know WHEN they’ll be home

The Best Tool to Keep Our Youth Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free:

PARENTS ! The Best Tool to Keep Our Youth Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Free Brought to you by The Chemical Health Initiative of Goodhue County 8/2/11 JAH

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