Where Do We Find Matches for our Clients

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Know where we matchmakers find our clients.


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Where Do We Find Matches for our Clients Not a day goes by in this matchmaker’s life when I’m not asked this question. It’s been SUCH a joy for me to build this personal matchmaking community one person at a time. Today I reached out by phone to schedule a consultation with a great new guy in my world an attorney who’s divorced and not into the whole dating scene. My best friend’s fiancé is his business colleague and they referred him to me. I had a BLAST last month exhibiting and schmoozing at the eWomen Network event in Los Angeles. One of my gentlemen clients is set up on a date this week with one of the adorable young women I met at that very luncheon. We average 100 – 150 new registrants each month in our community half of whom find us through their own searches online for a personal matchmaker dating coach or singles event producer. And half of them we literally go out and find and very creatively. We have a dozen or so Ambassadors who funnel wonderful men and women to us – An Ambassador is someone who knows me well and who believes in what we’re up to in our sweet corner of Love Land and so recruits prospects for us. I met with a remarkable gentleman yesterday who’d met one of my Ambassadors online – they dated for a while but things didn’t “stick” and so she happily referred him to me. He’s handsome accomplished sincerely seeking life-long love he’s discerning and selective and he’s super smart and creative. I love the guy. Whether he chooses to hire me as his matchmaker or not is secondary to me. My first mission is to get him here with me tucked away privately in my personal community so that when I’m searching for my female clients he’ll be available to me as a fully screened desirable prospect for referral. So my next question is … Who do YOU know who’s single thoroughly desirable and who would much rather be in love Refer his / her name and contact information to me and I’ll reach out personally with a warm welcome. For more articles on dating and matchmaking Visit http://blog.julieferman.com/

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