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Overview Solix Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions, is transforming information management with the first enterprise archiving and data lake application suite for big data: The Solix Big Data Suite.


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Corporate Overview 2015 October


Company Overview Founded 2002 Corporate HQ Santa Clara, CA Employees 175+ (US, UK, Australia, India, Dubai) Target Market Enterprise Information Management Core Value Analytics Infrastructure optimization Data Security SOLIX MISSION STATEMENT To organize the world’s enterprise information with optimized infrastructure, data security and analytics. 6000+ Enterprise Customers Worldwide Sales & Services Partners Big Data Partners


Solix Product Portfolio SOLIX BIG DATA SUITE Solix Enterprise Archiving Solix Enterprise Data Lake Solix App Store SOLIX ENTERPRISE DATA MANAGEMENT SUITE Database Archiving Application Retirement Test Data Management Data Masking SOLIX EDMS STANDARD EDITION Data Masking Database Archiving ILM Assessment Data Validation


Information Lifecycle Management Classification Engine Policy Engine Object Workbench Data Discovery Retention Legal Hold eDiscovery ILM Monitor and Assess Archive / Retire Secure / Mask / Encrypt Create / Discover Classify Retain


Enterprise Archiving with Hadoop


Why Hadoop for ILM? Three V’s (Volume, Variety and Velocity) Source: Diya Soubra,


Apache Hadoop is open source, and designed to leverage powerful, new, low-cost infrastructure to deliver massive scalability. Using the MapReduce programming model to process large data sets across distributed compute nodes in parallel, Hadoop delivers highly scalable workload performance and very low cost, bulk data storage. Why Hadoop?


The cost to store 1TB of data in Hadoop… The cost to store 1TB of data on Hadoop * The cost of 1TB of data in tier one * Based on $30/month Amazon S3 Bucket pricing in December 2014, multiplied by three years - the average lifespan of a production tier. … is X cheaper than tier one infrastructure. 55.5 Source: Monash Research $ 1,080 $ 60,022 Hadoop Provides Very Low Cost Bulk Storage


Customer Use Case – BAE Systems, Inc. Solution: Enterprise Archiving Overview: Data growth is the single biggest cost driver for IT. Research shows that up to 25% of the applications in a typical enterprise computing portfolio are candidates to retire. Furthermore, up to 80% of enterprise data is inactive. By archiving and/or retiring inactive data into low cost Hadoop, the Solix Big Data Suite dramatically reduces the cost of enterprise data management. Enterprise Archiving offers advanced NOSQL analytics, full text search and structured query for universal access to all data. Aerospace and Defense


A New Enterprise Blueprint ` Unstructured Data Structured Data Analytics Big Data Suite Information Lifecycle Management Move Integration ETL Enterprise Archive Apache Hadoop Data Classification Retention Management Object Workbench Security & Audit Metadata Services Data Management Services Print Copy Enterprise Data Lake Solix App Store Apps Analytics Cash Flow Marketing Security Sales


Enterprise Archiving Online Enterprise Data Lake Enterprise Archive STRUCTURED DATA Oracle PeopleSoft Siebel JD Edwards BaaN Custom Apps UNSTRUCTURED DATA Log Files SharePoint File Servers Web Clicks Machine logs Videos IoT Native App Native App Solix Analytics Solix Search Less Active Data Inactive Data Active Data RDBMS Print, Archive, Retire Grand Archive Solix Big Data Suite SOLIX EDMS Tightly Coupled -Native Access -De-archive Decoupled - Text Search -Advanced analytics -Cloud Archive Solix ILM Partitioning Nearline Archive Offline Archive Solix Analytics NOSQL


Enterprise Business Records Enterprise Data Lake Enterprise Archive THE BENEFITS OF APPLICATION DECOUPLING No need to upgrade the archive data Point in time snapshot of business record Include reference & transactional data Include all data sources eDiscovery, Legal Hold, & Preservation SOLIX BIG DATA SUITE Complete Business Object 10 10 10 10 Policy Based Classification Search, Report, Analyze Oracle ERP File Servers Logs SharePoint Connector Framework Applications Enterprise Business Records (EBR) are maps of structured and unstructured data including database tables and the relationships between those tables that capture all the data related to a business process, whether that data is directly associated with an individual transaction, or provides additional context for that transaction.


Object Workbench Enterprise Data Lake Enterprise Archive KEY BENEFITS Model complete business objects Support for structured and unstructured data Decouple data from original application Configure source and target connections Include reference & transactional data Configure business rules, retention policies, legal hold and preservation SOLIX BIG DATA SUITE Enterprise Business Record (EBR) Policy based classification Complete business object Incorporate structured & unstructured data sources Enterprise Business Record 10 10 10 10 Policy Based Classification Search, Report, Analyze Oracle ERP File Servers Logs SharePoint Connector Framework Solix Search & Analytics


Solix Virtual Printer – Reports Catalogue Enterprise Data Lake Enterprise Archive Solix Virtual Printer KEY BENEFITS Preserve application context Retain original report format Decouple data from the application to eliminate application dependence Preserve documents as (immutable) PDF Keyword searches to improve access eDiscovery, Legal Hold, & Preservation Search across content & metadata for audit compliance queries Text Search SOLIX BIG DATA SUITE ERP | CRM | HR | Log files | Custom Applications Print Stream Create a Reports Catalogue by printing reports from native applications prior to retirement or archiving. Schedule daily, weekly, monthly reports to be printed from OEBS, JDE, etc. and preserve within Solix Big Data Suite in PDF Format. Automatically categorize and meta-tag reports and ingest into the catalog.


Solix Big Data Competency Center SOLIX APM Unified Search & Reporting TABLEAU Reporting & Visualization Mobile Cash Flow Analytics CUSTOM 3 rd Party APPS Marketing Analytics Storage Analytics Log File Analytics SOLIX BIG DATA SUITE COMPETENCY CENTER Custom Data Sources Rich Media Server Logs Webserver Social Media Enterprise Applications Desktop & FileShares SharePoint


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