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Welcome An introduction to Project-SalesAchiever The number 1 Project Tracking solution For the building industry

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Established 16 years Global Support Located: Europe UK North America Canada Globally used Used in Asia, Europe and North America Construction Industry Focused Construction industry design fed process Seamless feed from Reed, Dodge, BCI, Glenigan, ABI, CIS and most project lead providers around the globe SalesAchiever

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Global in the building and construction industry

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How does it work.....?

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Everything is linked.....

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Company Record From a company record....

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Account Record Contacts Actions Projects Opportunities You can see everything....

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Contact Record From a contact record....

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Contact Record Company Actions Projects You can see everything.... Opportunities

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Project Record From a project record....

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Project Record Contacts Actions Companies You can see everything.... Opportunities

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Choose how to use..... Hosted Locally installed Handheld

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Seamless Integration if needed Movex SAGE Efacs BPCS SAP Madisson Mentor Navision Swann AS400’s COINS Exchequor Oracle Financial Systems Project-SalesAchiever Connectors - Eg. XML, SQL Scripts, Biz Talk etc.

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Why Project-SalesAchiever is preferred..... Fastest to implement Simplest to implement Easy to use Most affordable Most experienced in Building industry No Risk single user free of charge multi user free pilot

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Welcome An introduction to Project-SalesAchiever The number 1 Project Tracking solution For the building industry

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Why Project-SalesAchieverCRM Customer Relationship Management Is A philosophy - Creating a people based culture A CRM philosophy moves businesses away from being Reactive (ie. chasing leads, enquiries) to strategy based, from getting the best from key management information - CALL 646 2334229

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Creating people based culture in the building industry through CRM We need to use our data more effectively to qualify our customers and prospects and then decide Who we target How we target When we target We then see the results from our activity which is measured and the questions made again - CALL 646 2334229

more profitable activity from selling to the right people at the right time Advert Enquiry - Project Lead $ 8m Web Enquiry-Project Lead $ 6m Leads Provider - Project Lead $ 7m Leads Provider -Project Lead $ 4m Leads Provider - Project Lead $10m Leads Provider-Project Lead $ 5m Leads Provider - Project Lead $ 5m Looking at lead data, an enquiry or JUST from a project lead angle, the answer to how we target our activity is simple – GO FOR THE BIG PROJECTS... OR IS IT?

Client B Client C Client A Client D Advert Enquiry - Project Lead $ 8m Web Enquiry-Project Lead $ 6m Leads Provider - Project Lead $ 7m Leads Provider -Project Lead $ 4m Leads Provider - Project Lead $ 10m Leads Provider-Project Lead $ 5m Leads Provider - Project Lead $ 5m Looking at lead data through a CRM with Project and Company relationship matching The answer is less activity, more profitability GO WHERE MORE BUSINESS CAN BE ACHIEVED FROM THE SAME ACTIVITY more profitable activity from selling to the right people at the right time

Instant access to information on our clients will raise our image from ‘sales person’ to partner Vendor Partner Low Margin High Margin Our value to the customer Our value to the customer translated to margin How the customer sees us - CALL 646 2334229

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What the users say .....? - CALL 646 2334229

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Applied Energy “ When SalesAchiever talked about the construction industry, it was clear they knew their subject and that they understood the complex nature of the relationships that exist ” “ within a few months of going ‘live’ we had seen a dramatic increase in telesales which virtually trebled ” BRC “ the system is equivalent to having two extra people in the office and all of the information is available to everybody, everywhere, all of the time – instantly ! ” CIS “ sales leads are always good, but continually managing and progressing these leads, tracking the projects and the accounts is the key to sustaining a successful business”. Cordek “ the effect of Project-SalesAchiever on our business has been fantastic, Project-SalesAchiever is much easier to use and as a result we’ve definitely seen the positive results of converting sales leads into actual sales ” - CALL 646 2334229

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Conlon Construction “ Project-SalesAchiever was immediately very user friendly, and able to link and involve all departments – not just sales and marketing or business development, but also estimating, purchasing and accounts! We were very impressed with the minimal training required and the flexibility to adopt the new database to our particular requirements ” Core Utilities “ This has also made sales and budget forecasting all along the sales pipeline much easier ! ” CS Group “ C/S Group operate in empowered Strategic Business Units, and believe that the key benefits obtained from the software, are now not only their original objective of efficient project tracking and sales activity management; but they have also achieved a consistency of communication between these separate teams, with a transparency of their business and market activity to the benefit of the whole C/S Group ” Easipoint “ With Project-Sales Achiever removing the burden of a potential ‘mountain of paperwork’, the EasiPoint sales force is able to focus on sales and supporting customers ” - CALL 646 2334229

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Elkington Gatic “ the biggest overall benefits from introducing Project-SalesAchiever have been “improved margins and customer retention ” Remmers “ Coordinated and better planned sales activity and project tracking with visibility across the whole organisation, has been the most noticeable immediate benefit ” Upton Mcgoughan “ a tenfold improvement in the quality of data and itsease of update … much more focused information helping to identify the best opportunities for new business ... and much more efficient event organisation, now in minutes not days ” Fagerhult Lightinhg “ Project-SalesAchiever has given us and the whole organisation “a better understanding of our success, a focus in our sales activity and instant market analysis ” - CALL 646 2334229

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Kingspan “ with one set of data that has a 360o outlook and is visible to everybody in all of the relevant functional departments ” “ With over 200 users of the system, the Kingspan management team can easily direct and coordinate their sales and marketing activities – project identification, specification and tender support for clients and their architects, estimating with quotations and installation support for contractors, plus the all important pipeline forecasting for budgeting and production ” Lindaptor “ Overall the key benefit of the system is full visibility of all sales activities throughout the organization ” “ This total CRM approach with total flexibility from Project-SalesAchiever means the system is easily adapted to changing business needs, and all of their different market requirements and conditions ” A Proctor “ Project-SalesAchiever makes everyones’ life easier”- it increases sales success and they would not want to be without it ” - CALL 646 2334229

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Rehau “ the main benefit has been in handling the huge amount of project leads that we buy in, filtering and linking them to our customer’s accounts and then helping us to cost effectively target these projects ” Weber Building Solutions “ We now have excellent visibility of our customers, their projects and our activities and interaction with them ” “ All Weber salesmen now use PSA as their diary to plan their calls and also assess the value of potential business. Product and pricing information has been loaded into PSA, so that completely paperless customer quotes can easily be generated and sent on line ” Wienerberger “ Project SalesAchiever® has fulfilled all our original objectives and more. It enables our sales managers to work together in a far more integrated way. The sales force now receive manageable, targeted leads and this has increased our sales” - CALL 646 2334229

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Moeller Electric “ Within 12 months of implementation, this has become a key tool for the external and internal sales teams By capturing their notes about customer contact, the system automatically produces their monthly reports and updates management on progress with significant projects” The system is central to the sales engineer’s working day, providing them with the latest sales data for each account, making it easy to request literature for their customers and offering a quick and professional quote building tool. John Monaghan Architectural Hardware ‘‘ ......we are already starting to reap the benefits of better internal and external communication and having good information which will ultimately lead to a more focused sales force ’’ - CALL 646 2334229

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Call: +1 646 233 4229 For an introduction to Project-SalesAchiever

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