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Bette Baths:

Bette Baths Nexus Home

Bette Bathrooms - Modern Bathroom Ideas! :

Bette Bathrooms - Modern Bathroom Ideas! Bette has been manufacturing steel enamel baths since 1952 and has now reached the enviable position of the number one steel bath manufacturer in Europe. Quality German Products with a selection of Bathtubs, Basins, Shower Trays to suit most modern bathrooms. Bette baths are a unique combination of design and strength, manufactured from titanium steel, hence ensuring robustness. The non-porous, smooth, hard-glass like surface makes these products resilient to germs, dirt and bacteria promoting exceptional hygiene.

Bette Ocean Baths :

Bette Ocean Baths Bette Ocean offers a versatile collection of relaxing bathtubs. This range includes a good range of sizes. Bette Ocean, with steeper foot sides, allows a generous standing area for when used as shower baths. These bathtubs come with a central outlet and overflow placeable at left or right to suit your requirements. The size and dimensions make them ideally suitable for smaller as well as the large-sized bathroom. Bette Ocean low line baths are a range where their height is lower so that less water is required for a welcoming soak

Bette Hip:

Bette Hip Bette Hip baths are well known for their design as they suit smaller bathrooms. These step-shaped bathtubs are designed to save water and space. Two bath sizes are a part of this range and are very comfortable when sitting in. The enamel finish assures protection against scratches and stains. A thirty-year guarantee speaks of durability and stability that the Bette Hip offers.

Bette LaBette :

Bette Labette Baths are a classic range of bathtubs designed for bathrooms that are smaller in size. With a level base, these baths are suitable for modern bathrooms. This range has baths in various dimensions and colors. The high-quality finish makes it UV resistant and light-fast which means that the shine and the color of the product will not diminish even after many years. Bette LaBette

Bette Starlet :

Bette Starlet Bette Starlet Baths come with a perfect oval symmetry that radiates harmony and clarity. These rectangular-fitted bathtubs are very comfortable and available in various dimensions and a wide range of designs. The central outlet makes it a great choice for twin bathing. These are designed with heat-conductive materials that readily take up the warmth of the water on all sides to ensure a highly refreshing bath.

Bette Comodo :

Bette Comodo Bette Comodo Baths offer a very simple yet very effective design. These baths involve a great oval symmetrical interior framed in the rectangular, clean, straight-lined exterior. The rim has no holes cut for taps, so the taps can be placed to suit the most desirable position for the consumer so can be deck mounted as well as wall-mounted. The curves and contours are a great feature of the comfortable interior design.

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